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  1. From what I understand, all of the old 90nm cpu consoles are gone at this point, and the current 65nm cpu consoles are definitely more reliable than the old ones. I think I saw on Bloomberg business news that MS's expenditures on returned consoles have gone down by leaps and bounds. The new consoles seem like they may be worth a shot.
  2. The edit option appears to have expired. The GR Gold Edition in the ad above has been sold.
  3. You know, I still like my M93, however, I am a bit reluctant to use it, but I also don't want it to become a museum piece.
  4. +1 It sure is good to live in a free country.
  5. Nice Ruin, and I like the choice of Magpul. Form 1. You will techically be the manufacturer. Don't forget to engrave the receiver with your name and address.
  6. GR Gold Edition. I would keep it, but I no longer game on the PC. Sticking with the console now. The HP CD has both the Frostbite and Year of The Monkey mods on it. The discs do not have a single scratch on them. $15 Tango Down pistol grip (brand new, unused) $25 Stubby foldaway vertical grip. Some scuff marks on the bottom (visible in the photo), but the sides are 100% clean $35 DPMS .308 mags, new, still in wrapper $35 each, buy all four for $130
  7. Give the man a prize. The "conversion" formula that I was told was this, the standard ten magazines of 5.56mm (30rd mags)= seven mags of .308 (20rd mags).
  8. Thanks Ruin. I would trade for your Vette. So far I have added the two accessories. The quadrail is a B&T, and the shotshell carrier with rail is a Mesa Tactical. I have looked into possibly modifying it, but honestly, I really cannot think of one part that it needs. This thing really does function flawlessly. I don't know when my Comp M4 will arrive (I have one, but it is mounted on another gun), but I will post a pic when I get it.
  9. What's just as strange to me is that you guys have those herses with almost all glass in the back, which looks really beautiful when the Union Jack is draped over the coffin. Ours are just long box cars with tinted windows. I have to agree, those herses are very sharp, too bad that they are not being displayed in a manner that would better show the value of what is inside. to Canada. I am not making a blanket judgement on England here, just the specific topic on hand.
  10. I agree. A friend of mine just bought a PS3, and I noticed that the AI team does not die. They take direct hits from grenades, soak up bullets like a sheet of Bounty on a water spill, and they keep going. It is a fun game, and it does even have some spectacular moments like the specter gunship mission, but I personally find myself passing over this title. Good to know, I will have to keep an eye out for that one.
  11. I am just waiting for an Aimpoint Comp M4 to mount on this and I will be finished. Then I think an ATN PS22 NV attachment on the front of the Aimpoint would be nice. http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh109/j...7/BenelliBT.jpg The rail is actually the same color, but it has a different finish from the receiver, so the lighting gives is a different hue.
  12. I had an opportunity recently to mess with the M110, the new self loading sniper rifle for the US Army. Knight's Armament. They also make this very nice SR 15. DS I know someone that is a huge Knight fan, and they are very nice guns, but personally I would go with a POF, or Noveske before I would even consider a Knight. POF and Noveske simply produce the finest guns that I have seen, and they have that custom feel and rock solid tightness that other manufacturer simply cannot match. Les Baer and JP also make nice ARs, but they are more geared toward competition and not combat guns.
  13. I heard that COD5 will essentially be like COD4, but incorporate split screen coop, more open maps, etc... Anyone hear any new news on this title?
  14. Strike number 2. Now if it was in Arizona, I would consider it. You're keeping count of the strikes? Hmmm, that means I have to make this last one count. I'll be lurking about.
  15. Couldn't imagine that a someone would move from one gun manufacturer to another. You are right though, there is so much "bed hopping" in the gun industry it isn't even funny. Unfortunately, Before they became "Land Warrior" the guns had some issues with reliability. They have worked out the bugs since then, but the product is still a long way off before it will be combat proven. There is a lot of talk that LWRC is a superior product to every other AR product out there, but I think I will wait before I jump on that bandwagon.
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