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  1. Well, it was never ment to mislead anyone to belive it worked in fungames. I havent seen a post yet that would work that way, but then again, I haven't read all posts in here. As I have said before, we would want a public AC aswell. We care just as much for GRAW and a wide playing community as we do for the league we run. There is a donate option on our site www.pro-gamingleagues.com. If you or anyone else have the opportunity to help us fund a public soloution, please make use of it so we can get started. Just remember that professional coders arent cheap, and are needed to mod the AC into a steady AC for public use. Edit: If you are afraid we will waste the money on liquor and parties, be sure to dedicate the money to AC programming in a PM or on our forums
  2. Yes, Ive heard that argument 15 times now. But as long as there are no resources to make that program public, what do you suggest that we should do with the anti cheat? Close it? Delete it? Make all the work vanish? I'll tell you one thing, that is definantly not the way to make a AC for the community. I dont think you realize that we would really like to give out a free public AC to everyone. Not only because it would help everyone get rid of cheaters, but also beacuse we in PGL would benefit from the goodwill of the community by doing so. So belive me when I say that it's not because we dont want to, it's because we can't afford it. and still... it's better that a small group gets to use it, than no group at all. Am I wrong about that?
  3. Tow_Angel: I just cant understand your outright scepticism towards PGL and our Anti-Cheat. For the first time, a league actually pays to get a proffessional developed anti-cheat for use in gaming, and also hosts servers to make it function, and all this for FREE. And you complain about being forced to match?!?! Havent you read one single word about what the costs would be? Instead of moaning about how we force clans to be competitive to use the Match Sneeker, how about supporting the idea of somebody doing something for the commnity. At least now, the ones who play matches have Anti-Cheats. Thats gotta be better than nothing... right? And for the thing about having to sign up at PGL. Yes, of course you have. This is a PGL concept, paid by us, maintenaced by us... since the economic resources arent plentyful, we had to decide how it could be put into use. I dont see why we should be ashamed, focusing a program we have beared the costs of, to benefit us, and the players at the same time. When you, or anyone else, gets the financing of making it public, then give us a shout, and we can start working on a public soloution. Until then, I hope you understand why we have made this AC, and that since we cant give it out to everyone, we START by supporting the players that support us. I cant see that this wouldnt be logic. Thanx for your patience.
  4. Just a reminder that Sign Ups will close later today. Also, slots are filling up. If you want to participate, but haven signed up yet, we recommend doing it now before all slots are taken.
  5. Nothing costs anything at this moment. Not entering, not winning, not playing. And belive me, I prefer it that way to
  6. Sign ups are rolling in About prizes. We havent really discussed this so far, as this is the first tournament in a rather thin community, we were uncertain about its popularity. I cant promise anything now, but you never know what adds up to your score in the end Also, for everyone that signed up here, expect an e-mail from PGL tomorrow afternoon with details about groups, play times and set up. We also recommend that you test run the anti cheat to make sure its working. Any problems with that one can be adressed to either me, tactix or MiK. <name>@pro-gamingleagues.com We are also working on a tourney page, that will be a regular one, used in every tourney. Its not fittet for group play, only 1v1s, so we will see if we use it or no. The tourney should be done Saturday in any way, so as long as you have access to mail or ventrilo, no one will miss anything. See ya on the battlefield.
  7. Why the hell are you telling us you unistalled it. I just couldnt care less, even if the DVD hurled itself up from the DVD drive and smacked your head around. I just dont get why everyone has a sudden feel they need to tell everyone that they are too impatient, too egocentric, too got damn whiney to wait for the game to get finished. Cause... NEWSFLASH! Dont count the game as done until the last big patch is out. UBI forced an unfinished version on the market. I thought that was well known.
  8. and ghost has a point... I was suprised too.. semmes like a bad desicion made by someone
  9. There already are an anti-cheat made for GRAW. Its proffessional made. No amateur gamer who felt he would bring news to the world. Check out the Match Sneeker here. And, if grin (hopefully) decides to include an AC, you will be able to use both for maximum protections against cheaters.
  10. 800x600 = 30+ fps 1024x768 = 20-30 fps So I got with the 800. Works like a charm.
  11. I know many are tired of hearing this, but the Match Sneeker should take care of the cheats out there atm.
  12. The demo has arrived, and by the looks of it, there has been a lot of comparison with the old GR. And with that, plenty of cherishable moments to think of. We at PGL would like to announce a story teller competition. Share you best memory from the old GR days, and maybe you pick up a full retail copy of GRAW while you are at it, in addition to free webhosting for you and your clan. Make your entry here! See the rest of the announcement here! The competition will stay open until may 5th. Good luck! Regards ShadowXavier Community Director PGL GRAW
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