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  1. I would highly suggest an ATi x1600 512mb graphics card! check these out.... you can get one for as low as $110 someone in team smokin bought one and is getting great FPS in GRAW
  2. ok thanks... i just really like the idea of a remote, because i watch quite a few DVD's on my monitor. but i will stick with the x-fi
  3. Would there be a drastic difference between the two in this game? I've heard great things about the X-Fi but I really want the Audigy 4.....
  4. well I wish we could hear some word from GRIN about a true AC for the laddering community... so far everything i've heard is pretty circumstantial.
  5. no problem viiiper. i'm not a n00b to forums as it may seem, i just didn't come up with the thread and that's all- no big deal. about the anti-cheat- hopefully a nice one will be implemented into the june patch. but regardless the future of this game is looking better and better everyday.
  6. i did some reading but i didn't see anything mang... no need to be a dick
  7. so will there be an anti-cheat released for the game? i've heard that maybe there is going to be an "in-game" anti-cheat? what's the latest... because if there is a solid anti-cheat + JUNE MP patch = MATCHING!
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