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  1. Wem...silly question but is the training mission just for training or does it count towards your score ??
  2. Forrester mate we already have all the GR hosting stuff on our server ....We only need the mod released and we can host it 24/7 for our teams to practice on... infact we can open it for anyone. I`m also willing to do some admining if you need another pair of eyes to watch demo`s or anything.....And if anyone uk based or european needs a stable server we can arrange that...
  3. Ok looks like we have a second {B:P:R} team... Panic Mik Ready and waiting.....
  4. Thanx a buch yeah it was the hardware accelerator...I looked for it before actually but gave up as i couldn`t find where to turn it on...yeah i`m not very good with pc stuff.. again thanx a lot much appreciated !
  5. I have installed the game but cannot get anything at all to come up..yes it`s also a window server 2003 but as far as i can see there may be a problem with the onboard gfx not being good enough even to run GR. I uploaded my own options xml as there wasn`t one and i made sure the xml had the two options needed to run a dedi right in them. I also changed the parameter to add the -autoserve bit but still nothing. I`ve searched the forum but don`t get the help i need.. thanx in advance MiK
  6. Can we get a download of it for a ringtone ???
  7. You need to run the mod on your pc at home and then copy the xml info to your dedi.
  8. Nice one...and in such a small download too Thanx
  9. Yeah i feel your pain realy and everyone is gratefull to anyone that tries. as you say it seems just "wrong" that it just doesn`t work ... Good luck for future stuff and basically have fun
  10. Ok fair enough..we had no problem before we installed TRR and have no problems on our other server...I`ll try just uninstall TRR and see if it happens without the TRR maps in.
  11. i loaded about 10 maps in and mine does the same..whats the fix please
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