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  1. Don't know if copy/paste is a good idea you could get extra line returns and blank spaces. Easiest way to do this is create a MP game, enable AI backup. launch the game, ALT + TAB out, find the <game type>_avatar.toe file, copy <game type>_avatar.toe somewhere for editing. edit it little bit easy stuff such as chanigng a kit (will CTD if format of file is wrong) overwrite \TEMP\ <game type>_avatar.toe mark \TEMP\ <game type>_avatar.toe readonly. Here is a script I created on my dedicated server to automate this. We had multiple kit types with 4 kits randomly selected within each type. @ECHO Off REM -CHANGE DRIVE AND DIRECTORY TO PATH GR SERVER IS RUNNING FROM Z: CD \ CD SERVERS\GHOST RECON\DATA\TEMP\PRECONFIG REM -START MARKER :START :CLS REM -MENU DISPLAYED TO USER REM -CHANGING ATTRIBUTES ON COOP_AVATAR.TOE REM -CLEARING NUM VARIABLE ECHO 1. Normal ECHO 2. Stealth ECHO 3. AT ECHO 4. Demo ECHO 5. AT - Demo ECHO 6. Exit set /p coopavtar=ENTER CHOICE (1-6): attrib -r ..\coop_avatar.toe SET NUM=INVALID IF %coopavtar%==1 goto RAND IF %coopavtar%==2 goto RAND IF %coopavtar%==3 goto RAND IF %coopavtar%==4 goto RAND IF %coopavtar%==5 goto RAND IF %coopavtar%==6 EXIT REM - IF USER MADE INVALID CHOICE GO BACK TO START ECHO "INVALID CHOICE, PLEASE TRY AGAIN" pause GOTO START REM - GENERATES RANDOM NUMBER 1-10 (0-32k) RAW RESULTS HIGHER THAN 4001 REGENERATED :RAND :@ECHO ON ECHO "at random" SET RANDNUM=%RANDOM% IF /I %RANDNUM% GEQ 4001 GOTO RAND IF /I %RANDNUM% EQU 0 GOTO RAND IF /I %RANDNUM% LEQ 1000 SET NUM=1 IF %NUM%==1 GOTO %coopavtar% IF /I %RANDNUM% LEQ 2000 SET NUM=2 IF %NUM%==2 GOTO %coopavtar% IF /I %RANDNUM% LEQ 3000 SET NUM=3 IF %NUM%==3 GOTO %coopavtar% IF /I %RANDNUM% LEQ 4000 SET NUM=4 IF %NUM%==4 GOTO %coopavtar% :1 copy /Y .\8man_4team_default%NUM%_coop_avatar.toe ..\coop_avatar.toe goto end :2 copy /Y .\8man_4team_stealth%NUM%_coop_avatar.toe ..\coop_avatar.toe goto end :3 copy /Y .\8man_4team_AT%NUM%_coop_avatar.toe ..\coop_avatar.toe goto end :4 copy /Y .\8man_4team_DEMO%NUM%_coop_avatar.toe ..\coop_avatar.toe goto end :5 copy /Y .\8man_4team_MIX%NUM%_coop_avatar.toe ..\coop_avatar.toe goto end :end attrib +r ..\coop_avatar.toe GOTO START
  2. Would not be suprised if was Hasbro with the GI-Joe classic mod too. They went after the BF1942 GI-Joe mod harshly.
  3. @GR.NET staff. I know someone else posted earlier. But a bittorrent tracker/seeding sounds like a great idea. The protocol is really fast for popular files and would cut down the the advertising annoyances most hosting sites impose. Heck could even go trackless from what I know about the new protocol. Downside is many net admins block or limit the protocol because it is misunderstood. I could seed some mods I have a few on my hdd anyway.
  4. Also EDITPAD is a good utility for fiding/replacing text in multiple files in 1 shot. (Google EDITPAD)
  5. signed... If RSE doesn't release SDK would be nice if Mike Schell would document how he was able to get GR models in .3ds format. Then could possilby import maps, vehicles, etc to allow futher modding.
  6. I have not messed around extensively with the .toe files in team games. But same game mechanics should hold true. From what I understand in MP Team the toe files used are team colors active in the team game. Example: Team game with red and blue. Using blue_avatar.toe and red_avatar.toe . From coop_avatar.toe there are some fields linking player to actor. They are Name = "_Actor" and Owner = "1" My theory is Name field assigns player name and Owner field assigns what player number initially controls actor. I have found that using Name = "_Actor" and Owner = "sequential number" works best. I have not tested in Team game but believe using Name = "_Actor" for all actors and numbering Owner = "even numbers" for Blue and Owner = "odd numbers" for Red should give you even teams. However I don't see any players as being able to pick their teams, I theorize that your player # is in reference to the Owner field which is determined when joining server. I have been attempting but to no avail. My friend though did manage to open up the Delta Team in coop. 2 drawbacks to delta team is 1. Cannot be ordered or follow other delta team members. 2. Display as small green dots on command maps. However games does NOT crash when accessing in game roster. Below is example of coop_avatar.toe we have been using. <TOEFile> <VersionNumber>2.000000</VersionNumber> <Company IgorId = "13" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_LAN server" MultiplayerCompany = "2"> <Platoon IgorId = "12" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Platoon1" MultiplayerPlatoon = "1"> <Team IgorId = "9" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Alpha"> <Actor IgorId = "1" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Actor" File = "mp_plt1_tun.atr" Kit = "tmp-frag.kit"/> <Actor IgorId = "2" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Actor" File = "mp_plt1_alp.atr" Kit = "m16203-m203.kit"/> <Actor IgorId = "3" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Actor" File = "mp_plt1_bea.atr" Kit = "tmpsd-claymore.kit"/> </Team> <Team IgorId = "10" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Bravo"> <Actor IgorId = "4" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Actor" File = "mp_plt1_sta.atr" Kit = "m4sd-frag.kit" Owner = "1"/> <Actor IgorId = "5" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Actor" File = "mp_plt1_sna.atr" Kit = "uzisd-sensor.kit" Owner = "2"/> </Team> <Team IgorId = "15" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Charlie"> <Actor IgorId = "6" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Actor" File = "mp_plt1_fli.atr" Kit = "sr25-mk23sd.kit" Owner = "3"/> </Team> <Team IgorId = "11" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Delta"> <Actor IgorId = "7" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Actor" File = "mp_plt1_sca.atr" Kit = "oicwgl-oicwgl.kit"/> <Actor IgorId = "8" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Actor" File = "mp_plt1_bea.atr" Kit = "m3t-m136.kit"/> </Team> </Platoon> </Company> </TOEFile> My next project is creating a batch file to copy a one of a few pre-configured coop_avatar.toe files to gr\data\temp, marking the file read-only . So will have a coop_avatar.toe for stealth missions, AT missions, demo mission, etc...
  7. Just populate the .toe file with actor and kit values from your favorite weapon restriction.kil file. So populate coop_avatar.toe with kits listed in primaries_only.toe or whatever. When you make the .toe file read only it will not have any info populated in it b/c server cannot write to .toe file.
  8. In multiplayer co-op when the server admin chooses AI backup the game engine poplulates the coop_avatar.toe file with and starts game when everyone is ready. Coop_avatar.toe is popluated with 1. The choices that the players have selected in game setup 2. Fills in empty slots using Rifleman Kit 1, (1each team), Demo Kit 1, (1each team), and Support Kit 1 (1each team). 3. While game server loads it reads the coop_avatar.toe file, to assign player an AI kits. So if alpha team has a player in 1st slot, and bravo team has player in slot 1, Team A= Player 1 chosen actor kit, Demo Kit 1, Support Kit 1 Team B=Player 2 chosen actor kit, Demo Kit 1, Support Kit 1 Team C=Rifleman Kit 1, Demo Kit 1, Support Kit 1 The below link is about changing the default kits/actors chosen. It is still limiting AI backup to choices of 3 actor/kit combnations. If you were to change Demos to use MP5, all Demos AI backup would use same MP5 kit. Modifying the .kit file and .toe file are 2 diffrent methods. The .kit file changes defaults on AI backup, the AI backup is limited to 3 diffrent default choices but none the less still limited. The .toe method is preventing the server from generating a new .toe file, so can be greatly customized. Yes Read Only on server. That is a drawback is players cannot select kits. When my friend and I play we talk over TeamSpeak and he tells me what kit he wants. I change .toe file to reflect on the server. But that would be time consuming with more than a few players and typos in .toe file can cause server to crash. If anyone knows XML, shouldn't be too hard to create a program that modifies toe files using drop downs. I believe this is how the platoon extender addon works. Not sure. I looked around to assign actors to the player platoon in igor, but to no avail. I seen scripts in igor able to change kits assinged to players.
  9. The .toe modification has to only be done on the server. The clients don't need to do anything.
  10. Take a look at your server's \Ghost Recon\IKE.log file after a crash. Post here if need be that typically gives clue as to crash reason. Another major bug is starting with GR version 1.3 RSE introduced a bug in coop multiplayer where enemies hidden in the game can on occasion show as black lifeless shadows. If the client shoots these shadows it will crash the server. There are ways to overcome the shadow bug, but most entail changing the mission scripting to avoid the crash.
  11. It is done on the multiplayer server (wherter be a listen server or dedicated) before all connected player hit "ready" and map loads. You could create/mark read only before the game even loads if you want. The AI backup setting really isn't used if toe file is read only. GR can't populate toe file b/c it is read only. It isn't just limted to coop either there are a bunch of toe files in GR\data\temp, each for own game type. Play around a bit is kinda fun. One day I would like to try learn XML a little better and build a front end program that choose kits from available selections, populates toe file, and marks read only. At my pace I should have that XML program ready by the time GR 3 comes out for Xbox2. Another post detailing... http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=18306
  12. Kinda 2 ways to do it, none a mod perse. 1. like WP33 said... This tutorial details same method http://www3.telus.net/miklogik/ghostrecon/tutorial.htm 2. Fill desired values in coop_avatar.toe and make read only this allows more customization rather than 3 kits, but is tougher to do. Link details more http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...topic=19624&hl=
  13. Myself and a friend had been modding Cobra Attacks (given blessing by Bookshopslave and Crazychappel) with plans of future release, but just never got at point of release We have some added content. Would this be something that maybe some of you guys would like to see released as is (unfinished)? Added content -Playable charcter Flint -Playable charcter Snake Eyes -Playable charcter Alpine -Playable charcter Recondo Actor Heavy Metal Actor Cobra Stinger Driver -Vehicle Mauler -Vehicle Stinger (bajabravo's) -2 New Missions -Fixed all shadow bug introduced by 1.3/1.4 patch -Various custom weapons -Kit balance and streamlining -Linked missions into a campaign
  14. actually iit is just a simple matter or renaming the .chr file to a name that begins with Lindy, Susan,Astra, or Eritrean This post describes in more detail, http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=9888
  15. @Hoak, That isn't my scope texture. Sup posted it
  16. Well looks like the "has eliminated" part can be removed using strings.res, but the player names I cannot figure out. They are probably variables defined somewhere in engine. Sorry... This is section of strings.res to edit if you wan to remove "has eliminated" server setting does not allow observers. has eliminated Platoon Leader:
  17. 1st Backup your strings.res before editing. This file is touchy and if modified wrong will crash GR. I suggest NOT working with \Ghost Recon\DATA\SHELL\STRINGS.RES . Instead search GR.net on how to create a mod folder then work with Ghost Recon\Mods\My Mod\DATA\SHELL\STRINGS.RES This way if you mess up the file can delete the moddified STRINGS.RES file without messing up GR. 2nd Remove read only attribute from copied strings.res 3rd Download and install HEX editor from below link. I have used other HEX editors and notepad but the data must not have been written correctly and caused GR to crash after editing. http://www.hhdsoftware.com/hexeditor.html 4th Launch the HEX Editor program and open strings.res 5th Edit>Find the text your wish to replace in ASCII 6th Overwrite or change the text you want modified, in the right pane. Note if the text = 12345 replace with 5 spaces or same amount of charcters such as ABCDE . I found that adding charcters to strings.res will cause GR to crash. 6th Save your file
  18. Maybe, From what I understand the player names are set on the server, under Ghost Recon\data\temp\<gametype>_avatar.toe file. You could probably do what you are asking by editing Name field, but you would have the change the .toe file to read only otherwise will names will change back to selected by clients. The read only attibute would cause some drawbacks, such as no one could select kits/class and no one would have a player name displayed anywhere. I will research more when I get home, it is possible strings.res contains a variable for player_name? Sample of player from <gametype>_avatar.toe <Team IgorId = "10" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_Alpha"> <Actor IgorId = "1" ScriptId = "0" Name = "_spalVl" File = "mp_plt4_asl.atr" Kit = "rifleman-10.kit" Owner = "0"/>
  19. v2, I made 2 small mods out of the "enemy text" request. If you want to include in realism mod PM me your email and I can email the files to you. They are very small files. The 2 flavors are NO TEXT.zip - "No Ingame Text Messages" This mod eiminates the following in-game messages Enemies Nearby Enemies Spotted Enemy Armor Spotted Enemy Soldier Down Enemy Armor Eliminated Alpha: Bravo: Charlie: NO TEXT LITE.ZIP - "No Ingame Text Messages LE" This mod eliminates the following in-game messages Enemy Soldier Down Alpha: Bravo: Charlie:
  20. Ok, This can be done, but there are drawbacks. What happens when a friendly eliminates an enemy what is displayed on the screen is 2 things. 1st the Team that eliminated the enemy (Alpha, Bravo, or Charlie) then text "Enemy Soldier Down" This will display something like below. Alpha: Enemy Soldier Down The DATA\Shell\Strings.RES has to be edited with a HEX editor and the "Enemy Soldier Down" text replaced with spaces. Doing this will cause the team to still be displayed but the "Enemy Soldier Down" won't be displayed. Like below Alpha: Furhter the Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie text can be replaed with spaces as well but this eliminates the source team from other team messages. So text like "Enemy Armor Spotted" won't display team that spotted if team names are replaced with spaces. These are the strings that are relevant in the strings.res Enemies Nearby Enemies Spotted Enemy Armor Spotted Non-combatants Spotted Friendlies in Sight Taking Fire Pinned Down Team Member Wounded Team Member Out of Action Taking Friendly Fire Enemy Soldier Down Enemy Armor Eliminated Prisoner Secured Hostage Secured Demo Charge Set At Destination Alpha: Bravo: Charlie: Here is a link to download a HEX editor, HEX editor Also the strings.res is read only, this MUST be removed before the file can be edited. The strings.res file can be placed in a MOD directory so the GHOST RECON\DATA\SHELL\Strings.res doesn't have to be overwritten.
  21. workaround is to make the hidden actors invincible. The players may see the hidden actors, but if shot it won't crash the server. Obviously when you unhide want to turn off invincibility or your enemies will kick some serious a55.
  22. On the main page there is a banner on right side 1/2 way down that takes you to link to d/l TG mod. Below direct link (redirects to fileplanet) http://www.tacticalgamer.com/banners.php?op=click&bid=6
  23. I played this mission before IT came out and had no problems. After IT though I had same thing keep happening, UN guys were getting killed. I assumed it was because of the 1.3 patch made the AI smarter and they killed the UN guys quicker. I wonder....
  24. If you want here is a little batch file that can be placed in your MOD directory and used to quickly load hero file. Use with caution I haven't fully tested. Place 3 hero files in your MOD directory and run. ----------- CHOICE /C:MO MyMod hero file, Original GR hero file IF ERRORLEVEL 2 Goto Orig IF ERRORLEVEL 1 Goto MyMod :MYMOD :BACKS up the Original hero files in MOD directory copy /Y "..\..\unlocked_heroes.xml" ".\unlocked_heroes.bak" copy /Y "..\..\d_unlocked_heroes.xml" ".\d_unlocked_heroes.bak" copy /Y "..\..\c_unlocked_heroes.xml" ".\c_unlocked_heroes.bak" :COPIES the Mod hero files to GR copy /Y ".\unlocked_heroes.xml" "..\..\unlocked_heroes.xml" copy /Y ".\d_unlocked_heroes.xml" "..\..\d_unlocked_heroes.xml" copy /Y ".\c_unlocked_heroes.xml" "..\..\c_unlocked_heroes.xml" goto end :ORIG :COPIES the Original Backup hero files to GR copy /Y ".\unlocked_heroes.bak" "..\..\unlocked_heroes.xml" copy /Y ".\d_unlocked_heroes.bak" "..\..\d_unlocked_heroes.xml" copy /Y ".\c_unlocked_heroes.bak" "..\..\c_unlocked_heroes.xml" goto end :END -----------
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