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  1. Thanks gents. Jack, I hit you up in discord. ED, I invited you in game. At the moment, current in game is "Spkany" . Also any good Task Forces up? El
  2. Finally grabbed Wildlands and am pretty impressed with Ubi's accomplishment. Thank you Rocky for continuing to support this amazing site and the franchise after all these years. I am working my way through the campaign. Just started playing co-op but am finding it hard to find people who aren't in arcade mode. Looking for old school HUD-free, stealth, coms, and tactics. Who's playing? EL
  3. Rocky, It's been years since my last visit. Very exciting to see this news and to hear they asked for your advice. Staying tuned and hoping we old GR players are disappointed.
  4. Bloody hell, can't believe I missed this message string. I jones for the good old days. Are you guys still playing. If so, I'd be very interested. Have to reinstall first though. Anyone kinow if [GR] works on a Windows 7 64bit platform? How the hell is everyone? What's everyone up to these days? El
  5. I'll have to check them out. Indeed, like any good game/sim (IMHO), it's got massive content and a steep learning curve. It definitely takes time to become proficient. I've barely touched the PvP aspect of it (which is what makes it most interesting to most people). If you're interested in trying it out again, let me know. We could meet and run a few missions together.
  6. I've been at it for a while. I mostly run level 4 missions (solo) for the Caldari. Anyone around here play? Especially you old geezers (like me)?
  7. Rocky, I just fired up GR for the first time in ages so that I could play P2. I played the first campaign mission for a bit. Then the game crashed. Started getting the error message requesting Indeo Codec as well and now can't load GR. Was about to purchase the coded online but the free one does the trick? El
  8. I picked up GRAW2 some time ago hoping that more of the old school [GR] players would port to the new game. I've tried any number of times to figure out how to set up a coop map in GRAW2 but found the learning curve too high. I spent some time going through Davros' wiki and videos and was able to set up his basic mission with insert, enemy spawn and extract in the custom urban conflict map. I'm now on my way to developing my first coop mission. Davros, thank you for taking the time to figure all this stuff out and for making it so easy for average joes like me to figure it out. The videos help a lot. I got stuck trying to create the locations described in the wiki. The video sorted it right out. Cheers mate. El
  9. Saturday night's good for me. Sunday's out
  10. Not sure what happened there WK. Server crash? That was going to be the one too. Oh well. GG's and thank you as always for hosting. El
  11. I'm in. I'll have TS server up again. Join game for TS Server info. El
  12. WK, still planning for tonight? Great games last weekend. Nice to have some of the old crew back together.
  13. Thanks for hosting WK. GGs
  14. I'm in. PM me if you'd like the TS login info. El
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