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  1. I aint read the whole post BUT does he mean that we can look like snipers and carry M136's?? lol
  2. Oh lord that was a quick reply! CHEERS
  3. HELLO, I was wondering that in some of the PLAN steps you have to add seconds for howlong it should last i.e ''Wait'' and ''Cover'' plans......... If i was to put 0.00 Seconds under the ''Cover'' plan steps does this mean the actor will cover that arc for an infinite amount of time or just doesnt cover at all?? cheers
  4. Hi, I was wondering, There are a lot of mods and patches for GR and there are some hell of alotta good modders. But isnt anyone able to release the patch to fix the ''Not being able to crouch (or move ne way) while being shot at''?? I mean it will save alot of respawns right??
  5. That plug in doesnt work for some reason, ive installed it JUST the way chems says in his tutorial i.e unistall 3dsm, insert the plugin in the folder n then re-install 3dsm in the same folder as the plug in and i couldnt see a ''Res Storm Entertainment'' subheading in the map editor window in 3dsm....plus the plugins only 120KB, is this really the size of it?? if any one else knows an alternative or HAS an alternative one plz let me know where to get it from, thx
  6. THAAAAAAANK YOU!! So glad some one replied to it.....now that i think about the script, your facts do make sense. THANX ALOT DUDE!! but does this also include, having a response saying ''Objective failed or complete'' in more than 1 script block?? cheers
  7. Hi, Ive installed 3DSM5 and i would like to download the plugins for GR. Ive found chems' tutorial on how to install it n stuff, but i cant download the plug in from file planet coz ObviOUSLY some ###### messed it all up, does any one know a different link to where i can get those plug ins from??? cHEERs [Do not attempt to bypass the site swear filter]
  8. Hey, 2 Questions and the Main isssue IS.. 1. Ive made a mission and the mission works perfect! But once the mission is over and once you are at the after action screen in either Multiplayer OR Single Player, the game just totally freezes it doesnt even CTD and there is no way for me to go to desktop without reseting the PC not even Alt+Tab or CRTL+ALT+Delete works. Does any one know why this is?? However, in the mission there are some objectives that doesnt say ''Failed'' but says either Incomplete or Complete accordingly. The reason it doesnt show as Failed because I havent made a script block saying ''if bla bla....Objective 1 failed etc'' Could this be the problem?? 2. Issit possible to make a clock in the script that displays on the screen just like the clock set at the server menu in multiplayer mode?? IF so please enlighten me! Thx
  9. I think i have it, ill forward it to who ever that need it, just drop the eMail addy and it'll be there
  10. Cheers NexuS for the help, but ive found it....its in the same catagory as you mentioned and it was... I_setup2.wav and there are other sounds too....So thx but please, hear me out on the Message BoX paragraph breaks
  11. Hey there, Ive been playing some Alpha squad fire fight 110 missions and ive also noticed this in alot of other missions so ill use the Alpha squad fire fight as the example. When the fire fight starts you see the 1st yellow text message and then when the 2nd yellow message pops up saying ''a fire fight by alpha squad...etc etc'', it makes a small, bleeping noise. Now ive tried to look into their script to see which sound tag this is and i cant find it and i cant think of a sound tag in the folder although ive tried listening to nearly all of the tags. So, does any one know what sound tag this is or how to create this sound??? AND We know that using {p} in the breifing will break paragraphs.....is there a possibility to create new paragraphs in message boxes that pop up during mission?? if so how? cheers
  12. Mind you, I dont mean the font used in Breifings....I mean the font used in the Logo etc, that curve edged fonts..... cheers
  13. Ahoi comrades.... Hey dudes, id like to know if anyone have the font used in ghost recon (ghost recon font) or a link to where i can get it from...ive looked in the web but i can only find a patch to some ''font problem'' GR has for certain graphics card users. thx BYE!!
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