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  1. Sweet stuff! Is that SR-47/203 by DVS1 available in a mod? or are you going to include it in yours?
  2. Great mod guys! I really enjoyed it, wish it was longer than 3 missions cuz I play mostly SP, but the quality makes up for the quantity. Good cinematics! I initially experienced the tunnel-like reverb, but I fixed the properties in IGOR and the problem is gone. It was only the first mission/rain that had the bug. I didn't experience the bird sounds with the full-auto SCAR though. It's all good for me, don't know why I had a bug and not the other. Anyway, good job guys!
  3. Looking forward to play this!
  4. Browse the Missions section of the download section here on GR.net, the mission modders have absolutely spoiled us in the past 6 months. (Kudos the other modders, you're not forgotten )
  5. Nice job, Ahab! Will you release them soon?
  6. Yeah, I see what you mean. More details: I know how to make an .atr-overwriting skin mod. I'm trying something else, is all. I'm not going to release this, it's purely homemade stuff with RSE components, anyone with GR and Photoshop could do it. I want to do this because, since I have 12 specialists, I had to modify the desert and cuba unlockedheroes.xml's. And even then, I have to rename some of the specialists, because most of them (except Astra and Guram) have either a cuba skin or a desert skin, too. And my specialist atr's cover only one of the three possible skins. So I rena
  7. Ok, thanks! So it's IGOR...So if my mod is just skins, no mission/campaign, I can't do it, right? Oh well, I'll figure a workaround. Thanks all!
  8. Thanks, a specific .xml is what I'm trying to do. I already know how to make my oen specialists appear, but thanks anyway!
  9. How do I assign a custom unlocked heroes file to a specific mod? Many mods I have installed have created such a file, usually with a few letters up front relevant to the mod, and when I activate the mod, the specialists roster is based on this custom file, not the default GR one. I looked around, no clue. I am putting together a small mod usinf the marpat texture, and I would like to creat my own specialist roster, without messing with the default one. Can anyone help? Thanks
  10. Hi, -----------------------------Nevermind------------------------------------------------ I got it. Searched a little, I just put <headattchment>, no LOD thing, it works. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm trying to add attachment to a default GR chr by adding the <NormalLOD>xxx.qob line in the actor file. It works fine in the original GR maps, but the attachment doesn't show up on the desert characters (on the DS maps). At first, it kinda worked, the attachment showed up, but it was blank. After I
  11. This mod was great! I agree the cinematics were very professional, but the other missions were very good, too. The last one, in the nighttime village was awesome. So many tanks, so few M136... The little touch I really liked was the mission after the big battle, when you wait for a chopper. The armor convoy gave a great sense of build-up, large scale operations. The SAS strolling by were just too cool...
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