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  1. Video problem: Seems the 3 avi files in the Video folder cannot be played. This is funny, because they worked fine before. Anyway, the quick fix for now is to delete the mod's Video folder. Wounds problem: This is also new. Could you upload some images? AT4 sound problem: I'm not sure what exactly causes this problem but it has happened before. Try enabling "Alternate Sound Cache", restart GR, and see if it works. If it doesn't, disable the option, restart GR and see again. If that doesn't work, just go to the mod's Sound folder and delete a_exm1.wav and a_exm2.wav.
  2. I gotta dig my old boxes to find those games again! Hopefully they're still there.
  3. Some of my friends talk like that but straight, middle-aged RAF pilots in the 1940's talking like that is so wrong it's hilarious!
  4. @Rocky: Thanks! @Kyle_K_ski: The readme should be in the folder named _Credits. The credits list in the readme basically tells you what to expect.
  5. Excellent suggestions, wombat! I intend to revamp the original GR, DS and IT missions in the "far future". The primary reason is not to add replayability (by adding randomised elements, for example), but to eliminate unrealistic elements (like enemies spawning out of thin air when triggered). Respectfully, V2_Bloodline
  6. I'm currently finding and fixing bugs, and quite busy with school, so the next release (1.0g) won't be anytime soon. In the meantime I'll post any updates or news here.
  7. I regard CENTCOM as more of an unofficial expansion pack, very much like Frostbite. While it's not strictly a "realism mod", it's one heck of an expansion pack.
  8. 1.0f is here (see 1st post)! 1.0f release streamlined the kits of the "stock" Ghosts in the campaigns. This might result in duplicates for quick missions etc, but it's another step closer to the "lean and mean" version of Realism Update. Warning: The mod, extracted, has a size of 190+MB. This is primarily due to the new media (music & intro videos). I hope you will enjoy those! Please post any feedback here.
  9. My honest opinion? Droopy`s Enemy/General Realism Mod. In fact, the very core of Realism Update is that mod. I took Droopy's mod v1.05 (with permission), integrated numerous other stuff like fogless maps, realistic NVG, realistic blood, command maps, etc etc; and voila! Realism Update. Get's Droopy's awesome mod here: linky or get the newly released RU 1.0e here: linky
  10. One of the more interesting features of the next release is the "new but old" intro movie! (You'll know exactly what I mean when you see it). Here's a clue: Some of you might have seen it, some of you might not... but most of you have heard it! Go figure, or just wait for the next release! Respectfully, V2_Bloodline
  11. Realism Update download links GR.net download link (v1.0f) Megaupload download link (v1.0f)
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