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  1. Well, it has happened before without any mods activated...but is very rare. I think this was probably a neck wound or maybe an ear shot off
  2. Took about an hour to make this...I like it, hope you guys do to!
  3. Hey that's cool! I have the traslations on the Russian phrases...now I have the Ethiopian phrases too...and what Raptor9 said
  4. Just think Stinger, what it would be like on DSL or Cable! Mwhahahaha Oh wait, I have DSL!
  5. Yep...And the Turkey says: "Spam, Spam, Spam"!!! Disclamer: Not calling anyone a turkey!
  6. ROTFLMFAO!! Those are the best yet!!! What's funny is I actually do some of those things!
  7. Precicely...too much time @Ruin, I've read something like that before, but yours are much more humorous!
  8. I went from a 5.1 Live! Value to this A2, mostly because I had no choice. My Live! card took a dump and started crackling and popping and I didn't want to blow my speakers. So I was originally thinking of a Audigy Gamer, but I liked the 6.1 option, and thought that if I every upgrade my speaker system...I'd get a 5.1 or 6.1 Digital system. The main thing that's hard to believe is that there is virtually no noise floor...compared to the Live! I could turn my speakers to max (without any signal going to them) and the inherent hiss and noise was ever present. With the 106 SNR Audigy 2...just a teeny, weeny bit...and the average person probably couldn't hear it... GR sounds incredible though, cause I'm hearing things I've never heard before, and I'm sure it's the same way even with the Gamer! I hope GR2 is in EAX Advanced HD!
  9. I've played both the XBOX and PS2 versions...XBOX wins hands down for the reason the Graphics and Sound are soooooooo much better, it has Hi-Def output with multi-player compatability, Dolby 5.1 surround, and the possiblility of downloadable mods. Haven't played GC yet, but IMHO, GR is king on PC.
  10. Can't see the picture!...what is it?
  11. Yep...RSE has my money for whatever they decide for GR. 1 more expansion pack or GR2. With the latter, Mods would be better due to the new engine, etc...but if I were RSE, I would put all my energies into creating GR2, and let the Modding community continue making mods instead of RSE releasing another EP... As far as enviroments, I think they are still going to incorperate urban and jungle/forest and perhaps arctic...Cause even in the Highlands...flora and fauna grow up to the Tree Line...after that...well lots of snow. But I really liked the urban enviros with snow i.e. mission 15 GR. All I ask is please do not have all of one enviroment A.K.A. DS.
  12. Hey thanks NM! I am d/ling the original and the IT versions of SR right now! Can't wait to play them... Still looking forward to the SnowFlage
  13. Wow, I'm impressed...what application did you use to create these? I'm trying to work on mine, but they keep rendering too large...
  14. I've been playing Band of Brothers on GR and this is Mission 4 on the way to the extraction zone to eliminate the rest of the Ghost's support. I was Charlie and I got capped in the head by a sniper's 9mm but survived! Warning: A little bit large... http://www.boomspeed.com/dark_ranger/ScreenShot3.jpg
  15. What's this talk about Raven Shield and Ghost Recon 2 I hear?.... Oh don't worry, I'm ok! Just glad these forums are back again...Now let's spend 3 months getting back to Scout rank...I don't mind though, as Snakebite1067 said, better this than no GR.net
  16. Nope! Stinger is the baby in the forums...but we all like him...even with his P4! I think I'm 20...let me check..........yea that's it!
  17. um yea...let's all make some jokes about the Dutch special forces...all the sweat and torture they had to go through to be called a....*whisper, whisper*....Oh! ROTFLMFAO!!!
  18. I thought a mod was made a while ago...The Search for Osama...for GR...that's what I'd do! He deserves it, that psycho terrorist...
  19. Hey Guys, Just thought I'd share the news...I finally received my Audigy 2 at 6:00pm my time. Installed it and ran the driver/software programs without a hitch. OMG, it sounds freaking awesome!!! One of the best purchases I've made for this computer. I'm running the Boston Acoustics 4.1 7500 Series surround system. Very clean...I can turn my volume to MAX and I can hear the hiss very faintly. It came with Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix and Silent Assasin which use the Advanced EAX HD...haven't loaded those yet cause I fired up GR...Wow....*wipes drool from keyboard* And the cool part is I only paid $0.50 for UPS 2nd Day
  20. Hmmm, It still says I have 1 post when I've posted 3 times...is there a new refresh setting in the options I don't know about? I'll keep looking...
  21. Hey...I used to have a Hot Wheels model of this car when I was a kid! Very cool B)
  22. Hey thanks Ruin...here are some more recent security threats. @Pave Low, just got NIS 2003 and it seems to be a very powerful program, great firewall too. http://securityresponse.symantec.com/
  23. OMG>>>Yippeee!!! It's like getting a new car...no better! Welcome back Ghostrecon.net! Hey what's this smilie look like? this one? SWEETT!!! "So good beein home!" JarJar Binks from Starwars "The Phantom Menace" Well, let's make a sig a an avatar...be back later!
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