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    Husband to 1<br>Father of 3<br>Architect<br>Artist<br>High School Soccer coach<br>High School Cross Country coach<br>Youth coach all sports

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  1. How are things in here? I am pondering GRAW2!
  2. Nice. Your project sounds like it is coming together. Post some pics. I'm torn between paying this off and heading toward the STS turbo, or jsut selling and going for the c6 Z06 and modding from there. I love this car at any rate!
  3. Yes, I got this a year ago, it consumes my free time. It's been a life-long dream of mine. The video really doesn't do the sound justice. It'as almost too loud.
  4. Hello old friends, come and check it out, let me know what you think! The link to the Mod
  5. Hey everyone, we finally got a new server and it's smokin fast and fun. Check here for information: http://www.1g-firstgeneration.com/forum/in...ay;threadid=412 Stop by and check it out!
  6. A t-shirt is the best way to make a statement! Come and Get it!
  7. Back to the Half-Life 2 parody, here's one I'm not sure you saw. Worth the Look! Alot of folks have told me I look like him, or he looks like me!
  8. That was actually from a picture of me and the family at Disney.
  9. Whatya Think? Give it a Look-See!!
  10. Here's the latest reset shot that shows myself and my brother at 1 and 2. Link to site.
  11. Well, it's a bit embarrasing too many hours playing, but I really enjoy it. It's rare that a game keeps my attention, but this has a graduated learning curve that repays when you get to the top. I love being called a hacker. Especially by those young kids with their quick little fingers!
  12. Been playing on this server alot. The game gets more addictive with more skill. Forum link to my site with stats! It takes longer than any game I've played to master, but once u get into top form it is so fun!
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