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  1. Collecting 1/6 modern soldiers Playing hockey, baseball, paintball bass fishing Playing military video games
  2. I have, GR DS IT Delta Force LW Spec Ops Ranges lead the Way Spec Ops Green Berets
  3. Same here I collect 1/6 Special operation soldiers from all types of brands . BBi and Dragon make the best in my opion.
  4. I like to use the M-4 in wilderness and city.
  5. This is so stupid and Iam wondering if you guys have the same problem. Why is it the when I play Desert Seige for ps2 that the Ghosts are wearing woodland uniforms in the desert? WHY!!!!!
  6. Alright my mom says 2 hours a day of playing Video Games is to much. So how many hours of video games do you guys play?
  7. I also have Gi joes and dragon models toys but i think that Dragon is a lot more life like with thier gear, weopons and uniforms.
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