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  1. Hey ronin. Wow. last time I posted here was 2010 , Been a very long time and have been curious about this new GR as well. Wonder how many of the guys we used to know are still around?
  2. Thanks for the info alley, I will have to find my mic and say hello one of these nights. Good to hear you guys are still around.
  3. Hey Chuck, I was wondering the same thing. I will have to check in here more often to see if anyone else is still lurking around. The only other member I am still in touch with occasionally is XRW Pantyraider, I have him on my Xbox live friends list.
  4. ya thanks... i just hit a slow spot between pays now. the tower is sitting on the table waiting for memory on the cpu lol. it is tough to see it there and i can't use it
  5. Goldeneye for the N64 was one of the best fps ever. GR is tops for pc though
  6. well i think that cpu is going to be way out of my price range here. i think i will be ok with the cpu i already picked. and today i picked up 2 80mm blue led fans and a 4 channel aluminum fan controller. i was going to get 2 more for the front but after putting the others in the case i think i will just get a 120mm fan. still need to get a good heatsink/fan for the cpu. any ideas?
  7. you must have set it beyond its frequency range... i did that once messing around and finally had to enter in safe mode to correct it.
  8. two words that people say i can't stand are as follows. 1: axed, as in i axed you a question. how hard is it to say ask? 2: acrossed, as in he is acrossed the way. i mean come on... it is across!
  9. no team work??? it is all about team work and definitely no tk'ing. plus our server still gets on average 20-25 players a night playing FLAVA 1.4. and our team is pushing close to 100 active members. this game is nowhere near dead yet
  10. thanks for all the tips guys... it is helping a lot. i was looking at heatsink fans today but wasn't sure what to get just yet. i did pick up my tower though, i got the Raid Max Scorpio in blue since the fans glow blue anyway. and they lowered the price of the tower from $99 last week to $69 this week. hoping the cpu will drop like that in the next few weeks lol
  11. i use a logitech optical mouse, wheel and 2 buttons... never a problem and very cheap
  12. this is going to be very helpfull in the coming weeks. thanks white
  13. the canada computers has the one i want: Pentium 4 - 800MHz FSB, Socket 478 Pentium 4 2.4C GHz w/ Hyper-Threading Technology Retail. anytime i can save i few bucks i will. thanks for the info.
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