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  1. Ah well that'll give me time to upgrade the machine............I reckon this title will be very hungry for your resources...................
  2. Played the frist mission this morning before going to work! Pretty intense and definitely alot of fun.....the landings are awesome!
  3. Didn't see a discussion on this one on the boards here. Its one of those titles that just looks like a classic, if the hype and media news is to be believed. PS3 and 360 versions are imminent, with PC to follow. Looks awesome, can't wait to see how this plays..........although I would like to know what the system specs are going to be run that sort of eye candy! . Assassins creed:gamespot.
  4. Excellent..........more early Xmas presents for me from my wife............muhaha
  5. Gah.........! Bought this and had major difficulty reading the DVD on both drives (which are upated!). This is a known issue with the Sega security on the DVD Dual layers. With a heavy heart I took it back........more mods for me I guess..............
  6. I've been waiting for this expansion for a while now........whats the release date anyone?
  7. I've seen similar "stack" errors twice now. On: Mission 5 (I think its 5 - 'price of peace') and the previous mission also.
  8. Man.......... its like hand bags at ten paces up there between viper and that other unpronouncable. Who cares, I mean can't we all just get along (man). MP Vs,...... man......................you girls just can't resist a good catfight eh? Meeoow........ Smoke a pipe.....and have cold beer......play some SP (or maybe even the SIMS, something soothing to get over the MP EGO)...... Peace and love (and MP CO-OP).
  9. Settings make little difference which I find strange, however: 1024x768 to 1024 x1068 low to medium for textures, effects, etc. post effects off. shadows off.
  10. Just wondering what you guys get for your FPS? I have a dual core running at 2.37Ghz and a 7800GS 256MB, with 2G ram, my average FPS sit at about 24.... even slower when tanks arrive.........all drivers are updated, background process's are off, card GPU is running at 415Mhz. Bizzarely enough, even when I drop my resolution down I don't really see an increase.
  11. As a caviat on gamespot, these are the same guys that gave BF2 a 9 out of ten (or similar). If you read the review they are falling over themselves to hand this beast the tactical game of the century award. Needless to say if youve played BF2, it leaves alot to be desired.......
  12. Glad to see that you guys have picked up on Gamespots inability to properly gauge this series and its tactical gamplay. To say that GRAW2 is torturously difficult is just wide of the mark. If these guys are looking for little sandwiches and apples to boost health on the battlefield then stick to other FPS types. They have incorrectly assesed this and are using the wrong genre of game as a benchmark I feel. GR as a series has always been underated as far as I can see. PCGAMER in the UK constantly slated GR and the R6 series. After reading gamespots review I scoffed at their difficulty criticism, it is evident that these guys have been spending too much time on BF2 or bioshock or some similar FPS. Good work Rocky.
  13. Agree with that one Fletch, there is potential there with mods I just hope that we see some open play these and good use of the enviroment. It is going to be hard to please everyone, but its only natural that this is compared with the key elements and feel of [GR] as it has the name on the box. I do like the AI placement a la full spectrum warrior, much better. I am still waiting to see some good co-op servers, besides that, my machine will need an upgrade it is stretching to play this!
  14. Have to agree, a good post there Cell, some very interesting points with regards to the GR1 aspects (or missing aspects that should be). GRAW2 is a big improvement on GRAW but its still missing some key elements that the old timer still has. I remember some of the first missions I played, GR came across as groundbreaking, especially the night missions in GR, they absolutely rocked, blew me away...........I don't get that same feeling with the GRAW series, but I still will play GRAW2 and appreciate it as a very good tac. shooter. As for MP, I have yet to finish the SP missions.................
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