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  1. You can transfer models to fbx from blender instead of obj.
  2. Found an add-on for a blender that can directly export models to fbx in any version, including 6100 binaries that can be imported in 5 3ds max.
  3. Hello. I also noticed a strange bug. On many maps where you need to install an explosive charge, if your soldier comes up on the way there, he only says that the charge is installed, but in fact nothing happens. Can I fix this somehow? Happens from 20 times he just really does it.
  4. Anyone who has a desire to parse the reading for a blender here is a file similar to the bmp format. rsb.c
  5. For blender 2.92, I only managed to prescribe the choice of RSB formats for the material. I don't know how to actually read the format. It is necessary to disassemble the c ++ coding principles of reading the format of the same bmp and the code that Alexander posted on the github. The only thing this is possible will be an alternative option for reselecting the texture in 5 3ds max when exporting to the game.
  6. Hi people! After some torment and problems with creating plugins for 3ds max, today I put together a new version of the plugin for 2022 3ds max. With the help of the Autodesk developers, a new plug-in project for the 2021 version was received, but there were problems first with displaying the image (it was displayed upside down), and then with reading pixels, now this is also fixed. I myself have built a new plugin for the 2022 version based on that plugin project. The plugin only works on version 2022. It seems to read all the textures for the GR. rsb22.zip
  7. Hello. Soon I will post here a new plugin for reading rsb files for 2021 3ds max. The plugin will be created by 3ds max developers upon my request to TP. Maybe someone will come in handy here, too.
  8. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/RdM9/fZfASwjGX This is a link to a plugin project for 2016 max for visual studio. Who can build the plugin project for version 2021? There are 2 options 1 should count the colors correctly. Plygin in bmi file format.
  9. Hello. Who knows how to create plugins for 3ds max? It is necessary to remake the project of the rsb plugin for the new 2021 max. I have an old Microsoft Visual Studio plugin for the 2016 version, I need to compile the code for the 2021 version using the new studio. Who can do this? I'll post the project.
  10. It does not work with grenades, it seems not at all how. If you make a kit only from grenades, they do nothing at all. You can only force to shoot from weapons at objects or equipment if there is AT4.
  11. What method of spawning a vehicle are we talking about here? Is there some way to spawn a model of a vehicle?
  12. There is this on the basis of the creation of transport. Ghost Recon_Vehicle Tagging.pdf
  13. The trick with breaking down teams can be done in quick missions as well. avatar.toe You need to change and read-only this file.
  14. I love tactical shooters as such, where you can manage a team and think over the course of operations. This is one of 1 games that I have and I like it. I don't have many games on my computer, because most of the modern ones have lost or have not received realism as such. AI still does not behave badly here, even in comparison with modern games, although in places it looks funny how he can be blunt or not do what he would like from him. Modding is another plus of this series. In general, it seems to me that there will no longer be such games in the near future. The ARMA series is one of the fe
  15. In some mods there are special objects with animation, for example, cases that the player can pick up and open that are on the table in standard cards. This is done, I think, through a model of a technique that teleports to an effect that is set to the height of the table just like these Actors?
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