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  1. Well, part of the work is done. All properties can be placed in a blender and thrown through the operator of 5 max in 1 click.
  2. In reality, I force a blender to write pieces of code for max and execute Max this code. An example to highlight a dummy from the FBX. He announces the code of Max the script writes through his operator to Max Mile and makes Max fulfill it.
  3. Here are small examples for now. 1 button allocates an object of 3DS max from a blender.
  4. If you run 5 max and blender simultaneously, using VBS, you can cause pressing the 3DS max keys and thereby start the script in it. This script can be written using a python in a blender and when performing the operator to make it at 3DS max. For example, I so tried to make the allocation of an object that is allocated to a 3DS blender. For example, I also want to make the basic properties for objects for cards and transfer them to Max. To transfer the geometry itself through export to the FBX file.
  5. Hello. Does anyone know how to turn the application through the VBS script? Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Ma = WshShell.AppActivate("Untitled") WScript.Sleep 50 If Ma Then WshShell.SendKeys("^0") I have such a script that launches my script of 5 3DS Max from the operator to a blender. But this makes an active 3DS Max window. I want to use this to transfer the properties of objects from the blender to Max and thereby make a ready -made card for playing a blender in several clicks and throwing everything into Max.
  6. I tested this situation and this is what I found: If alertness is not set as combat, they will go to points if the distance to the commander is approximately less than 10m + - another 20 -25m from where they can still run. If the distance is greater than the noi will stand still. If you make combat alertness, they will always run even from the end of the map. If you pass like this, 2 soldiers will run 10 meters and that's it. If you push it to the commander less than 10m, they will walk around the points normally.
  7. They all ran to the beginning of the path and then ran along the route.
  8. I tried to make a squad on the whole map and put a path for them. They gather and run along the route.
  9. Hello friends. Are there live servers for the game now or is that all? I can create a cooperative myself if anyone wants to play.
  10. You need 3-5 3ds max and plugins from the game to it. You also need pdf instructions to properly set up the export. The models themselves can be made even in a blender, even in the new version of 3ds max or May or somewhere else, but they need to be exported from these programs to 5 or 4 3ds max and from there into the game.
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