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  1. Hi. Create video for create command map.
  2. 2 What is the Light tab in the add-on settings for if it doesn't affect anything?
  3. 1 What is this parameter for and how does it work?
  4. It looks a little harsh and odd, but it will make it rotate to the desired position. Here, in itself, the behavior of the helicopter is strange if it is not just a flight in a straight line and the landing of the player's squad.
  5. I put a route point near it in the right place, put an empty effect, then I set a zone and make a script: If the helicopter approaches a zone with a distance of 5 m, execute the request TeleportAirVehicle (Helicopter, Helicopter(Position), Orientation (Effect), Speed (0)). Near the effect I put a point where it should fly, and so several points as needed. In the game, the helicopter flies up to a point in the zone, turns to the position of the effect and flies further to the point because it is in the same place as the effect. Group: <Default> Comment: 1 Trigger Event:
  6. I tried different values, there is not much difference. Through the script, it turns it right.
  7. I found 1 way how to make the helicopter turn. It doesn't work badly, but it turns quickly.
  8. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed full version very good, otherwise I found only some kind of demo assembly.
  9. Who has the max file of the black hawk? Can you attach it here?
  10. In version 1, you can do this. This is how any model is put. It doesn't work like that right now. It is necessary to do the names of groups correctly in the model.
  11. What happened to the download section? Just a blank sheet and that's it. There was a max file with a turntable. Where can I download it now? Interestingly, you can make a stationary object from a helicopter, such as a tree or something else? I've seen this from a jeep or truck. It looks a little strange but it doesn't look like it otherwise.
  12. So I made a route and the helicopter cannot fly over it normally. He may even fly away through the mountains and not return. I do not like it. It cannot turn normally on points and it looks strange. It turns slowly like a huge ship. I tried to make single points and set the orientation and nothing changes. The only thing that turns out to be to make a flight in a straight line and disembark a detachment and fly away in a straight line as in cube maps.
  13. Destruction Animation Tagging Any part of a vehicle, that will have destruction animations attached, needs to have the “<ian>” tag in the MAX node name. (e.g. <n><turret><ian>, <n><maingun><ian>). Destruction animations are saved to an *.anm file and are loaded by the application when the vehicle is destroyed. If at any time the vehicle node names are changed, all *.anm files for that vehicle must be re-exported. Animations will only export correctly if the animation controllers are set to linear, this can be changed in Track View. Here's ho
  14. What export settings should be in order to create such a file? If I just export the animation to this format, nothing happens. The file is empty.
  15. It seems to me that this is tied to a specific model. A standard helicopter cannot do anything, it cannot even fly normally on points and turn. Apparently, he can only fly straight and land the player's squad and just take off and fly out of the map through the map.
  16. No. The game works fine. Try to make a standard map without mods. Deliver a standard helicopter from the island of thunder and destroy it with the M136. In the file with the log there will be text that this file is not. I have never made such files in max for technology and I do not know what is in them and how it is written. There, apparently, some name of a part of the model is written, for example, for t80 <n><ian><turret> t80u<pid>. This name can be found in the model file. In v_blackhawk.pob <n><blackhawk> <n><blade_back>
  17. ANMLoader: Couldn't find animation node [<n><ian>helo<pid>] Now he is writing this. This is written if you destroy the standard black hawk that is without mods.
  18. Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. i no can download this file.
  19. In the logs, the animation says that this file was not found. Does anyone have it at all? This is some kind of animation for a helicopter, judging by the file.
  20. Does anyone have a video of the complete walkthrough of all missions on the elite difficulty? I found only a recruit or a veteran on YouTube, but it would be more interesting to look at the elite. The video would be complete with all deaths and without fast downloads. Loading can only be done if all soldiers have been killed. Can anyone make such a walkthrough? It is possible through a quick operation.
  21. Hi everyone. Is it possible to make a script so that enemy units can come to any place on the map where the player is located? I wanted to make a plan and teleport it to the player's position, but this cannot be done.
  22. HostageTeamOn no job in Enemey.
  23. This is easy to do. Group: <Default> Comment: Trigger Event: Vehicle 33 has been destroyed. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Set all members of Team 31 to hostage behavior. If i destroy Vehicle 33 i can Team 31 as hostage.
  24. Hostage Actor/Team use weapon. Captive Actor/Team no save weapon. If it is an ally, the weapon remains with him, he did not check whether it will be used or not. This works for allies in mission 4.
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