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  1. Hello friends. Are there live servers for the game now or is that all? I can create a cooperative myself if anyone wants to play.
  2. You need 3-5 3ds max and plugins from the game to it. You also need pdf instructions to properly set up the export. The models themselves can be made even in a blender, even in the new version of 3ds max or May or somewhere else, but they need to be exported from these programs to 5 or 4 3ds max and from there into the game.
  3. After assigning the bones to the model, you must select the bone in edit mode Edit envilopens. You must check the checkbox for the vertices. This will make it possible to highlight the vertices. You have to select those vertices that are detached and assign ABS EFFECT 1.0 to those vertices. After that, these vertices will belong to the bone and this will fix errors with vertex separation.
  4. In quick operations, there is a checkbox to automatically assign combat points. If you remove it, you can assign these points in any mission every time. In UH this checkbox is made invisible and all actors have 255 points by default.
  5. Each mission file has a <CombatPoints>6</CombatPoints> tag. This is the distribution of points for each mission in quick operations but not in the company. This will work if the sets in the actors are no more than 8 as in the original. In gameplay textures, you can make buttons with an alpha channel so that buttons or dots are not visible. In fashion, they additionally changed the algorithm for displaying these points. But they are supposed to still work.
  6. Thanks for the information. Everything is different in Russia. Somewhere in general, people cannot wait for a doctor or medicines for treatment in a polyclinic. Serious and moderately severe patients are hospitalized in hospitals. Everywhere there is information about vaccination. Most people get sick more easily with Omicron, but there are a lot of patients, doctors also get sick. Most of the tests are free, except for those that check the blood for anti bodies.
  7. Hello to all. Please tell us how the system of treatment and detection of COVID 19 disease works in your country? How long does it take to wait for the results if you get covid, how many times do you take the test, etc. in general terms? I would like to compare with what we are doing and with what they say officially about other countries.
  8. 1 time long ago this was received on 3 missions. It looks so funny.
  9. Hello everybody. Today, once again playing the mission on the map, Moscow got such an interesting moment. The enemy simply raised his hands and surrendered. I have never seen this in all the time, well, except for the maps where it is written through a script in the mission itself.
  10. That's how he said there is an anti-tank RPG. He tried to kill my Bradley but he killed himself.
  11. Bradley it is called correctly. the most interesting thing before installing add-ons it worked fine and it did not get stuck. After installing Thunder Island the technique began to get stuck. Perhaps there were improvements on this map and the route was not changed or something else. Sometimes, under some conditions, the tank drives through normally, and a couple of times I even managed to get both tanks to the end. Also, in my opinion, somewhere there is an RPG and the destruction of this tank is possible, at the expense of 2 I'm not sure if there is an RPG on the southern pass.
  12. This.This does not depend on the model, the standard one also gets stuck.
  13. An example with an BMP in mission 14 where in 99% of cases an allied BMP gets stuck in the wall of the house near the house.
  14. Tanks or infantry fighting vehicles will almost always get stuck when colliding with geometry collisions.
  15. Hi. created a small script for faster transfer of geometry from the new 3ds max to 5 to export geometry to the game. In the open and collapsed 5 max, when you click on the button in the new max, the geometry is automatically imported using the fbx file.
  16. Flag USA nad Russia Kit for GR.
  17. You can transfer models to fbx from blender instead of obj.
  18. Found an add-on for a blender that can directly export models to fbx in any version, including 6100 binaries that can be imported in 5 3ds max.
  19. Hello. I also noticed a strange bug. On many maps where you need to install an explosive charge, if your soldier comes up on the way there, he only says that the charge is installed, but in fact nothing happens. Can I fix this somehow? Happens from 20 times he just really does it.
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