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  1. I agree with Krise pretty much. I don't use cheats in SP to win, and am vehemently opposed to cheating in MP, but after I've beaten a game like one of the Grand Theft Autos, it's a crazy amount of fun to get unlimited ammo or jetpacks or what have you and run around blowing stuff up.
  2. AOD put up a tough fight, some very tense rounds.
  3. Yes, but in Scrabble you generally don't get spawn raped...
  4. Cell, the better question is "why are you reading Game Informer?"
  5. There's still an active TWL North American ladder, and I think a couple Euro ones? There's also a tournament being run by this very site. The game has very little pub play left in it, though.
  6. Some cool stuff for sure. I'm guessing you have the full version of fraps? I tried doing something like this a while ago, but I have the free version, so I kept getting distracted and having to press f9 and then having to guess, within 30 seconds, when I would get a kill...
  7. Ah, yes, I've always thought that were I ever to be shot at, I wouldn't move faster than one or two miles an hour, and consider reloading my gun more important than my personal safety.
  8. I'd be up for some HH, haven't played that too much yet.
  9. I get people in bushes all the time. I don't think there's ever been a time where I knew someone was in a bush (from muzzle flare, sound, etc.) when I wouldn't be able to see them. As I said, scoping the bush allows you to see through a bush; you should be able to see someone's uniform or hand or gun by doing this. I do play quite a bit, MorphingJar.
  10. Most people don't hide completely in the bushes, you should at least be able to see feet or something. Especially if you zoom in on them, you should be able to see some uniform or something. Moving slowly, and being very vigilant, the bushes aren't impossible. On the other hand, the bushes are extremely good hiding spots. I'm not sure if they're unfair, but they're definitely tough to deal with, and do lend themselves to spawn camping very well.
  11. The guy clearly said "types"...I'm sure you know what he's talking about, there's no need, or benefit, to twisting his words when they're available with a couple scrolls up the page.
  12. So basically Team Hot just doesn't like GRAW 2? Whenever I play GRAW2, I play with the assumption that stealth/defense is the point of the game, and the key to success...I guess I need to start rushing more. But shouldn't I just play CS, Quake, FEAR, any other FPS if I wanted to play a game where rushing and twitch style tactics are the only way to win?
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