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  1. Well, figured some things out myself, like, why some mods werent working. There are 2 refs for RSE and my mods werent being installed in the right mod file. Transferred them all and my mods are working fine, except that AVA mod still crashes the game. The FF 200 I was looking for is in HX5, which was installed in the wrong folder also.
  2. Thanks for the info. I didnt know this. Ill give it a try.
  3. Rowdee

    DA 4.9

    I looked at that, but Im living in Brazil now. Hard to get it here.
  4. It was the Alpha Mod that was crashing the game. I dl´d the m4 mod and got better weapons, also freelibya. Still only the standard FF with 30 on elite.
  5. I spent some time activating and deactivating different mods. It was actually the Alpha Mod 2.6.2 that made it crash. Too bad. Im using win 8.1. How I miss XP. Held together by bandaids, but it worked.
  6. Free Libya mod is crashing the game. Is there another mod with more weapon choices?
  7. Rowdee

    DA 4.9

    I dont remember it being like that, but it has been years and Im getting old. Oh well, just trying to have some fun with the game while my surgery heals for another 2 months.
  8. Im Rowdee from the original PBC (Point Blank Comedians) later to become MWH (Mercs with Honor) That name came after a raft of cheats started running amok in the game and we found some team members were involve. Rep. is everything. Hope I could bump in to some old friends here too.
  9. Rowdee

    DA 4.9

    Anyone know where to get it? I think thats the one Ive been looking for. Just stumbled on a reference to it. I originally saved every mod we used on disc and I gave it away with the game long ago. Big mistake. I have another copy but without all the mods its not the same. I did install Alpha squad mod, but it crashes the game. Im using Win 8.1. Cant believe theres this much life still in the game.
  10. How does this install? I DL´d it and unzipped but it wont unzip to the mods folder in GR
  11. yep...shows in my mod folder. but not in game mods to activate. alpha mods crashes the game. had to deactivate it.
  12. just no in game ref. to anything hx5. no maps, missions...nothing. i remember well how the game was with it.
  13. ike log seems ok. no unusual entries. hx5 is in my gr folder, just not in the game....hmmm.
  14. ok...its hx5 which i downloaded, but its not working. any guesses why?
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