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  1. @Keyster: you're right, there ARE some less-than-desireable admin's out there, but I do't think many of them are represented among the regulars of these forums. I used AFZ as an example for having seen their process in action firsthand. I can tell you I've always had good experiences with them, RS, SCE, WDA, BDA, 30+ (my homies) and some others you commonly see here. The guys/gals who've been at it a while and made their names did so honestly. @ROCO: I remember all of the above for m9whore, and in the end it took him misrepresenting himself intentionally to get the AFZ boot. He had more than enough opportunities to avoid it and exploit the benefit of the doubt to stay in your server. I thought that experience was a GREAT example of how the system should work, lacking a working anticheat as we are. Yeah the m9whore one was a good one... although we usually don't do a public vote to get rid of a hack. It was done because i knew his buddy that was seen doing the same things on another server would vote for him. This gave us his buddies IP. We didn't ban the buddy but kept it as reference in case we saw him doing the same on our server. That doesn't get you banned from our website though. They are free to argue in there ban thread all they want... but when you put on AFZ tags and go around tking peeps. That was the last straw... total site ban. BDA is usually good although there shooting into the spawn rule can be confusiong as sometimes peeps camp in the spawn and shoot out. RS, SCE and 30+ are all old GR1 clans and always have been fair. WDA we really don't see much.... Amen to that BDA ######, hence why 90% of my clan is banned permanently, or at least why thats they say we're banned (Me thinks they're tired of getting killed). If you want to say no GLs or whatever thats fine, i gladly abide by such rules, but to arbitrarily ban permanently on matters of opinion such as what is and isn't the spawn and allow it to become a camp haven is ridiculously bad adminning. BDA isn't the only culprit either, hell i got banned of some UK server a few weeks ago after 9 kills with absolutely no warning. Admins in this game on the whole suck.
  2. I know the GL server you speak of. I haven't gotten kicked form that one yet but i have seen the SS hunting others there. The worst server i've been into is another that kicked us simply for being better than them. Its a well known popular server but they didn't like us i guess. Oh well.
  3. I'd hope that's an exaggeration. I KNOW, for instance, that the good folks over at AFZ have a very fair process to undergo before banning a player, and don't typically do so just off the word of any one forum post... I really wish all teams were so equal hehe. I won't name names but some of the admins on these so called "good" servers are a damn joke.
  4. I have to say i'm not sold on the fact there are many hackers in this game at all. Maybe they're just bad or something but there is really only one guy i've run into in the past 3 weeks whom i thought was moderately fishy, even that was more likely my frustration at a bad moment. I think 99% of hax calls in this game are actually people who just have a good set of 5.1 headphones, and crack shots. Who needs wall hacks in this game when people make as much noise as they do?
  5. well i've said my 2 cents im done smashing my head against a brick wall. You people keep saying its ones fault for pushing up. But the alternative is an eternal camp on both sides. Where does fun come into this equation?
  6. SO RVSA THOUGHTS? Whats wrong with it people. What do we have to do to get you playing it.
  7. OMFG! 6 Pages and we finally have a Winner! I endorse this message in its entirety. So half this awareness is solved in my mind.... now about that RvsA... How did it take 6 pages for all you graw vets to come out with that info.
  8. Keep this in mind. I don't have any doubt we'll get to the top of the power ladder if we put enough effort in. But thats just it. I don't find this ###### fun to play TDM half the time. Arroyo and Fort is still fun. The Cut and Crashsite? Not so much.
  9. OK, Here goes, i want to pose a question to the board here. Roco or someone earlier was saying that if we can't beat bush campers on a regular basis, our strategy needs to be reworked. So i'm asking here. What is the viable alternative to bush campers. Heres what i've come up with and why it doesn't work. Prefiring bushes : Gives away positions. When far enough away to work without sound making it a problem it is mostly impractical because of the angles of the map. Waiting for them to get impatient: This isn't a reliable strategy. As Easton said, if they have to make a definite mistake for you to win so obvious as impatience, the game mode is broken. Rocos send the weakest link out. : Most teams use suppressors almost exclusively, Meaning no muzzle flash. Furthermore sacrificing a life when its already at such a premium that 1 kill is a HUGE HUGE advantage seems dumb. So im asking.... as i did in my original post. How do you make TDM not suck. And why isn't everyone playing RVSA?
  10. Maybe i'm drunk but i can't possibly see how no respawn HH would work. I mean what is the advantage of pushing the spawn first. Its still going to end up being TDM. The reason being lets say a map like lagoon for example. Everyone is going to just sit on the ridge and the edges and wait for that smoke to turn red. As soon as it does... FRAG OUT. Once you have the paramount advantage you push one guy up into the hill and everyone else holds the other team off the hill. Its going to be the same simple strategy every time. Meanwhile RVSA with 3 objectives keeps the game dynamically changing. If you find yourself running around too much you aren't thinking enough. I know that there is very little scurrying when we play RVSA and defend. You just have to plan your spacing and your gaps better.
  11. Ok but none of you are addressing the post that states quite clearly as seconded by several people, RvsA fixes GRAW2 comp. I'm not saying TDM should be fixed because it can't be. It is what it is. I'm just telling people why RvsA is better. Listen up. And as for rugbutt. I'm sorry you're so mature that you can arbitarily call anyone who likes a gametype other than the ones you prefer kiddie games. My bad.
  12. Thanks for the tips Roco, we know em too. But the problems in this thread remain.
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