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  1. Holy poop! Thats was the biggest shot in the dark ever!
  2. Khemer Rouge. Not the first thing that sprang to mind, but whatever.
  3. I watched a whole bunch of those in my driver's ed class.
  4. A little Jimi Hendrix perhaps???? Henrdix was good, but we'd need CCR's Run Through the Jungle for that special atmosphere.
  5. Heard it before, a joke I like to tell. Except with the CIA and different reasons for the non-killing.
  6. "Don't be an econmic girlie man" ~Ah-nold
  7. Man, don't tell me what's forming off the coast of the Dominican Republic in this pic.
  8. Those aren't POWs, they work there. Anywho... good one budgie.
  9. Hoping "The Sniper Mod" is still in production.
  10. Nope, that just shows the ties Ubi Soft has to various nefarious organizations.
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