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  1. I was feeling nostalgic so I decided to see if ghostrecon.net still existed. Of course I had to check in here. I miss this thread.
  2. I don't think it has to do with being left- or right-handed. I'm right handed and, like you, no matter what I do I just get clockwise. Even though I'm right handed, I'm left eye dominant (which, by the way, is a pain in the ass when I'm shooting), so I also tried closing my left eye and then doing all that stuff again. And still all I got was clockwise.
  3. Kraft Mesquite Smoke Barbecue Sauce on ribs or brisket. That's all I eat barbecued.
  4. Oh, the microscope crap. Yeah, it sucks. The worst grade I ever made on anything in geology had to do with that.
  5. Thanks! I haven't yet, but I can tell you already that I will be applying to at least the "Denver Corporate Office - General Expression of Interest" link. I don't have much time left on my home internet this month. (I have a free Juno account limited to 10 hours. This wasn't a problem when I was a student. I just used the schools. Now. . . ) So anyway, next time I go to the library I'll apply for whatever interests me and I'll PM you and say what I've applied for. Sounds like my kind of place.
  6. Thanks everyone. I have/will be sending resumes to anything that my education is even remotely related to. I minored in biology so I'm also applying for biology jobs. Mostly I've been going to websites, searching by state and applying to anything geology or biology related or anything that doesn't list an experience requirement. God yes. I have no intention of staying in Texas any longer than I have to. Colorado will work. I was hoping for Montana, Wyoming, one of the Dakotas or Vermont but Colorado will do. Anything really. I'm not picky, just greedy. Sedimentology is fairly easy. What I HATED was petrology. All those rock classification systems drive me nuts. I'm hoping. @ Stalker_Zero: Aren't you a ray of sunshine? But trust me, I know the feeling.
  7. Well, job hunting still sucks. I still am unemployed. But I took my last final exam ever yesterday! I'll officially be a college graduate whenever the hell they put my last class on my transcript.
  8. I majored in geology. Unfortunately every job I've found has wanted a master's degree AND experience. I have neither, and will never have a master's, since I'm done with school. I switched from business to geology because of the accounting classes required for any business degree. God, I hated accounting. Double entry bookkeeping is evil. Thanks.
  9. Sounds about right. @ calius: If I thought I had a chance in hell of getting away with it. . . But not with my luck.
  10. I hate looking for a job! I can't find anything that I couldn't have gotten just as easily without a degree (like waiter). I'm so sick of this. Everybody wants someone with experience. HOW THE ###### AM I SUPPOSED TO GET EXPERIENCE IF I CAN'T GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to retire already. Unfortunately I'm not a multimillionaire.
  11. Math. The lowest grades I've ever gotten in my life were trigonometry and in chemistry (and it was the math involved in the chemistry that killed me). I passed both on the first try, but they sure as hell didn't help my grade point average.
  12. I knew you were at university. It's still a school. Still studying astronomy? It's been a long time since I've played any computer game. And I really ought to be looking for a job right now, not talking to you. But job hunting sucks.
  13. So post in it you ######ing idiot!!!!!! You haven't posted here in 13 months! Ah, I do miss giving you crap for no real reason. Seriously though, I miss this thread too. How's school been, Slink? I'll be graduating in a month and a half.
  14. Somehow I always figured that was how Dan felt.
  15. I missed it. I have no idea what Dan said about me. And Dan, I never knew you cared.
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