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gameshare for graw - is it worth it?

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I'd like to let you all know that gameshare will update its DNS for graw so we can play online again with dedicated servers using the ingame account system. It's working well for graw2 so why not graw?

The question is:

  • Will people run up SADS (Stand alone dedicated servers).
  • Will players join?

If there's enough interest :fingersx: then I'll start talking to gameshare and get the ball rolling.

I use to love the old 32 player deathmatch server


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G'day Rocky,

I don't mind updating the GRAW2 Launcher to support GRAW1 if gameshare include it.

By the way, how do I play OGR online or rather is anyone still playing TDM? I remember people playing on xfire. How cool would it be if we could get the old ghost gecon ubi.com system working again, do you think it would be worth talking to gameshare about it?

- JH

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Hi Struth.

Yes theres still GR servers on XFire (AOG and few others still running after all those years:)

Mostly TvT...and its populated most of the time

(Havent tried the launcher fer GRAW2 yet, but i will do so very soon; tnks for that again.)

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  • 1 month later...

Gameshare thread is here:


Check other thread by


Gameshare is a program that allow you to play your game online;

So of course you wont see it in xfire...

All the different threads and tweaks may look complicated...they are for me:)

There is still hamachi (hamachilogmein) who worked fine for me

but I only been able to join gamediggers and TaW server.. :(

Gameranger is a no sucess so far, n i think doesnt support mods, Rahnman 4.01 fer example.

EDIT in that case i have to launch thru rahnman .exe

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FYI, we've been playing GRAW almost daily since the gamespy shutdown,, but it's all "LAN" play now, with a 32 user Hamachi network creating a virtual LAN for the players. We tried Gameranger, but got tired of the ads and it wasn't really working reliably for some of our group of regulars.

If interested, check in over on thegamerplanet.com in the GRAW forum and we'll fix you up. Lots of new maps since a year ago, too. The game is far from dead, but clearly, we aren't playing "in public" with random players joining any longer. We are working on a new mod currently, fixing some of the bugs in the original game as we gradually get through the weapons and other AI issues. Oh, and as before, we only play coop, and without respawn.

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