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  1. All good things must end and now It's time to bring the GRAW2 online campaign to an end. We kept this game going well after it's use by date - when gamespy shutdown - and I'd like to thank all the community members that contributed to the Gamerecon project, if not for you we couldn't have payed for the services necessary to keep the game online. The gamerecon.net website will remain for the next 12 months along with it's teamspeak server and GRAW2 downloads but the launcher will be removed. -JH
  2. Support is still available for GRAW2 multiplayer HERE at my new (4 year old lol) website.
  3. Hi all, It looks like it's time to call the end to GRAW2 multiplayer. Seems like a shame because there is still some players playing but no donations coming through. If you want to play? Now might be that last time. So cool that I've been able to keep such an iconic game alive so far beyond its use by date : ) gamerecon.net
  4. What About the peak? how cool is it? Glad to hear you're enjoying it cause it, go to youtube and google "pubg rain" or fog, I swear it's the same rain from OGR but they nerfed it cause players didn't like it, the rain was way too loud, they just needed to turn it down a bit, like the planes flying over, lower volume please, cause I'm listening out for deliveries. an excellent description - the moment you make a decision you realise how many better ones you didn't make... now it's too late, you just have to deal with the consequences and change your strategy. yep, I get th
  5. Hello all, I'd just like to let the ghost recon community know that the Gamerecon community, currently playing GRAW2 online together (you lucky devils) are back up after our a short two or three days of downtime. Anyone can join in the fun, there is no cost or tricks involved other than running our launcher and create an account just like you did with GameSpy. You can download all you need at our website, simply google "gamerecon - Services & Resources for Multiplayer Gaming Communities" or just click on the link in my signature below. It's been a big task to keep this sys
  6. Anyone here played it? It can be more frustrating than the Battlefield series, it's got something in common with OGR though I can't quite put my finger on it, nevertheless, I thought I'd try cause I can't stop playing it... PUBG is a battle royal that's as much about desition making as it is about shooting or accuracy as you must always remain aware of the shrinking player area that can be difficult to predict, not to mention navigate, all the while scavenging for weapons, attachments, armor, health packs and yes, transport for when you need to move a long distance to remain within t
  7. Hello Led, Gamerecon forum TS address is >> ts.gamerecon.net LINK The donate link is at the bottom of the gamerecon.net website Hope to catch up on TeamSpeak, I'll be on this weekend
  8. So true, I'm going back to seven even though I know it will only be supported for less than two more years. Truth is if I could get GRAW2 running on Ubuntu I wouldn't hesitate to run it. As time becomes less of a commodity people are turning to Linux while Windows becomes nothing less than a time vampire!
  9. Hi True, The database connection times out after a month or so - see here I have restarted the script and you should be good to go, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other question or issues. If you get a chance please post something in our forum so we don't look like a Ghost town and while you're there think about supporting us with a little donation to help me keep this game of games alive Also... If you join our TeamSpeak server while playing it might help the community get back together again Enjoy! -JH
  10. Well done, I can't wait to play it but I have no time right now, I wish I could get people like you working on the gamerecon project. : )
  11. Original Ghost Recon in Arma 3 It looks like someone been busy, I haven't played it yet but I'll report back here once I get a chance to download it and get it on! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871329059
  12. Hi pachanga, good to hear you still play GRAW2 once in a while. IMOP wildlands is a port and it's nothing like a GR game, so it's not surprising people still play GRAW2, by your own admission, including you. : ) Cause it is a better game than the crap they sell now in 2017 That's incorrect, it's working fine and it still gets some action. LINK TO LAUNCHER (That works if you run it as admin) Hope to see you all at gamerecon.net Best regards
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