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  1. GRAW lost me with the "June" patch. Whether it was GRIN or UBI, whoever thought that DM was a fun game to play shows that the game is going in a very bad direction. DM is one of the worst MP gametypes i've ever played. Does not say much for the planning of the patches or the future of this game.
  2. Games got some great points to it. 1.16 helped a lot. It shows that GRIN is committed to making this the game that can live up to the GR name. Keep up the good work. But, just to be on the safe side I can throw a stone if you want. Dont want you guys to get too comfortable.
  3. I'm thinking that being able to disable the zone in domination=Team LMS!
  4. I've only played the first two coop missions. Got to vip down and well i played the heck out of that in the demo so i stopped. I've played a few other missions with other [RS] peeps, but that gets real boring real quick. MP Coop is just a foot race to get to the next corner to be the first to shoot the AI, we all know is standing in the same spot. Not that exciting. Although it does have a lot of potential if we have the ability to assign patrol zones and what not.
  5. The Conspiracy is to make a profit for shareholders and I'd put nothing past UBI so what you are mad at is that UBI is trying to make money? Why would a business try and make a profit? They should just give the game away.
  6. It was 10 minute maps, no respawns, 5v5. We started on Church and rotated through the maps playing each one once. It was best of 7. The map rotation could be changed easily enough to only play 1-3 maps. it was a lot of fun, kinda of like having sensors. You could tell what zone people were in, especially if you were outnumbered 3/4 to 1. Its not a perfect system, but everyone that was there i think had a lot of fun, and were reminded of the [GR] laddering days. With no respawns it was pretty much LMS with sensors.
  7. Its not that people want to kiss GRIN's butt, its just that if you dont stay positive with constructive critism, they will not listen. When people start to demand stuff and bad moutht he developers by telling them what is easier to program, and stuff, well that pretty much stops them from listening, even if you have a valid point. That's why you see even the 'butt-kissers' making suggestions b/c the game does have flaws, very obvious flaws. But, demanding and bad mouthing the devs are not the best way of getting things fixed.
  8. There was already a match on the TCZ ladder with several others scheduled. Matching is still pretty fun on this game, even if we do have to deal with the zones. I'm by end of the summer the game will be up to par to be even better at matching, and with out the zones. With respawns off, it is very intense and reminiscent of [GR].
  9. they were indeed great games. CGI are great hosts. It was a nail bitter. Some very intense fire fights. i was on the edge of my chair for most of it (except for all those times i was dead). Thanks again to CGI for the great games, cant wait for the rematch.
  10. I'm sure this topic would fall into the waste basket with all the other things GRIN has on their plate. Reload is good to go right now. Wait until the new gametypes are out, that will slow the game down even more, especially with no respawns. This is a tactical FPS, not a run and gun FPS.
  11. The game has some serious issues it has to address. But, if anyone didn't know that before they got it, then they must not read these forums. I'm keeping mine. The real question is whether or not the patch will fix these issues and how many people will be playing after that (either way)
  12. Bo answered the question of no limping in a different thread. He basically said that there are over 4,000 animations as it is. To add a limp would more than double that amount==double the memory required for the game to run.
  13. I dont think stats kills games. Gamers kill Games. I'm sure there will be more than a 1000 servers, there will be good servers and bad servers regardless of if there are built in stats or not.
  14. I can't say what will happen with these pre-orders. But, i do know withother pre-ordered items (games/books/videos). They ship at the same time as they do to the stores, but the shipper (UPS/Fed Ex) is not allowed to deliver the items to residential addresses until the release date. So basically the UPS/Fed Ex guys act as a local warehouse for a day or two then deliver them on the release date. But, don't quote me on this happening for GRAW.
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