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  1. That's actually an excellent point. Hadn't really thought about it, but the absence of interaction with the bushes is silly and makes the bushes far more advantageous to hide in than they should be. On another thought, for those who haven't played it, no respawn Hamburger Hill really would fix a lot of complaints. Camp in your spawn -- lose. Run-n-gun -- lose. Play aggressively but carefully -- win.
  2. This is ultra important. The unlimited GL guy would be banned right now from multiple servers. And I have several screenshots of players who should be banned, but with no admin present at time of behavior, no hash. We could sort out the dildos after the fact with detailed server logging. It's not an outright fix, but it would sort out a lot of the idiots quickly.
  3. In GRAW 1, there were frequent altered gamefiles kicks due to server lag or sync issues. In GRAW2, there is the 'out of sync' kick, but we still get kicks for altered gamefiles with extreme server lag. I notice it a lot during the day in the U.S. when U.S. servers are getting a lot of European players. I've seen as many as 15 people booted within seconds for altered gamefiles. This basically means that anyone who has ACTUAL ALTERED gamefiles ends up looking like they were caught by a game bug, which pretty much makes the game's anti-cheat worthless. http://img106.imagesh
  4. Just for the one person who completely missed the joke and is now even more confused-- When software is final, it's copied to a gold masterdisc(s) before mass production (at least it used to be; maybe now going gold is in words only), I suspect stamped onto actual gold foil like the expensive (but no better than normal) gold music CD's that got briefly popular in the late eighties. One way or another, going gold is just a trade term for "the game is done enough to ship."
  5. Configuring the game settings (not to mention your computer) to maximize your success in an online MP game should not be a sidenote or afterthought or as seems to be in this case, a surprise.. It is a key PART of MP gaming. Everyone should configure his/her system and game the best they possibly know how and talk to other people for advice on doing it better. A slider removes high grass? Then slide it and remove it. Now you're on equal footing. This is not a big deal. Like Roco said, in GR1, serious players ran at the highest res possible, but lowest settings. My clan actually ran hig
  6. It's probably about the same for 4:3 and 5:4, but widescreen players got 4:3 with the top and bottom cut off, so for us, it's actually a little worse. I don't want to frighten anyone with WS away from the demo; it's not unplayable -- just uncomfortable, unnecessary, and unacceptable. Other than this one WS issue, a number of bugs, and maybe some tweaking to the weapon attributes, this game is a winner. Also, Ichabod has already said they're looking at this problem, so I don't know that we do need any bumps. We spoke. They responded. They're looking at this issue. I'm grateful, a
  7. Just for the record. Crash in application version: 29520.2404 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\units\types\beings\human.dsf(0) data\lib\units\types\beings\human.dsf(0) data\lib\units\types\beings\human.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded
  8. I was just on the AttackForceZ server. About a minute into a round, I saw two people kicked about 5 seconds apart for altered gamefiles, then about 5 seconds later, I was disconnected, and the server had in fact crashed. While I'm sure the server crashing had something to do with AFZ's leader's ineptitude at setting up servers, those consecutive altered gamefiles reports are evidence at least of the altered gamefiles kick is having the same bugginess that it was in GRAW 1, disconnecting people for communication problems between client and server and whatnot.
  9. 1 -- I think we know which one is Zoot's server. 2 -- While I have no problem with profanity on comms, in the in-game text-chat it causes two problems. The first is that it clogs up the text chat space, an area that is supposed to have a use, with junk. The second problem is that immature behavior has a tendency to escalate, and servers where profane trash-talking is allowed is going to have more frequent TK/griefer problems than one where admins insist on some moderate level of respect.
  10. I'm also having an odd sound bug where I get the fixed machine gun sound effect at a volume level that sounds like I'm standing right next to it, but I'm not anywhere near one of them. I don't know if it's that sound effect getting randomly activated, or if someone half-way across the map is firing one only it sounds like it's right next to me, or what, but it's incredibly annoying when you hear machine gun fire right next to you, take cover, look around frantically trying to find the person shooting at you, only to realize it's a bug. Dual-core Opteron XP-Pro 64-bit Soundblaster X-F
  11. If you use only whql drivers this problem disapeers. Vista only. It was doing it in the Betabut MS updated driver last week and seems fine now. I have the problem, too, if I alt-tab out from full-screen. WinXP 64-bit and latest NVidia drivers.
  12. Opteron dual-core 939 @ 2.5GHz 2GB DDR500 7950GX2 -- Cores@550MHz & Mem@1.5GHz XP-Pro 64-Bit X-Fi Resolution -- 1680x1050 I spend most of my time drifting between 50 and 55 f/s. It will sometimes dip as low as 45 and sometimes climb as high as 65. I haven't done any tweaking yet, so I don't know how much better I can do, but I expected to do a little better than this.
  13. Not to mention that the server Viiper referenced is actually meant to be: di' epig fu'c ker which is Sri Lankan for kittens are nice.
  14. As far as the WS issue itself goes, GRin, I've been a fanboy, but this is unacceptable. I didn't buy a widescreen monitor so that I could see less. Please fix it. If this is NOT a temporary fix for some problem you guys are trying to work out, if this is actually how you intend the game to be, you have made a mistake. One of the complaints about GRAW was that the field of view felt too cramped. This has made that issue worse for widescreen players. Please fix it. It's a major flaw. As for everyone else and the "how to balance the playing field" question, that's very easy -- you don
  15. is that Richard from Survivor??? Dude, I had to respond to let you know that was appreciated. Hilarious.
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