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  1. 2 hours of downloading U must have not download it from me " BTW guys. GREAT job, this mod is off the hook and my download numbers show it. Over 10.000 in 48 hours and still going up. Loco www.locogamer.com
  2. Hey guys, give me 48 more minutes and Ill have it on my site for DL, Im waiting in line at fileplanet now =) Loco
  3. I found one major bug that is driving me nuts. When I try and Use it with Raven Shield, It won't load up. Mauhahaha, j/k =) Again, great work bud. It's one hell of a good mod. Loco
  4. Very nice job on the mod! Loco
  5. Loco

    Raven Shield!

    I'm hooked! I can't think, I can't eat. I can't work. All I can think about is Raven Shield! HELP! Loco
  6. Hey all, Just like to add a farewell to Ninja and thanks for the last Mod. Is it just me or is a sad, almost depressing to see someone in the Ghost Recon community move on? Even though I've never had the pleasure of meeting you I feel a sense of loss. I wish you the best of luck and may you prosper and follow the gold path to bigger and better things. Good luck Ninja. Loco, AKA, LocoGamer
  7. That would be the sampler from my number one mission maker and the well known NGRU Crazie1. He is a member of Project X Mod Crew that I formed a ways back behind closed doors with some of the best modders in the business. This mod will turn heads and break rules. I will have the Members names and a sample of what to expect on my site in the next day or two. I just have a few more bugs to work out of the php. =) Loco, AKA LocoGamer.
  8. Today is a very sad day indeed. I have had the honor of playing GR with him with Raven and the guys many of times. My heart truly goes out to him and his loved ones. I just heard the news from Raven and was lost for words. Why does it always take something like this to happen to remind some of us how short life really is and how fast it can be taking away? I have made good friends in the Ghost Recon community over the past year and it's a sad feeling to have this loss of one of my fellow gamers. I did not know him well outside of Ghost Recon but I know those who did and feel their pain as well. I've never really been a religious man but today I pray he is in a better place and his family can find some comfort in our posts and words of concern. He will be missed. Loco (AKA) LocoGamer.
  9. Loco


    Hacked?, yes you can say that. They even put a cute little pig on my index page to try and make me look like an #a#s#s#, but how was that supposed to make me look like an #a#s#s#. Lets not forget I play Rugby for a living. Have you seen some of the dares we have to do to hold our teammate status? Looking like an #a#s#s# is my full time job. If ya really wanted to get to me, you should have posted a football player wearing pads. The number one sin of a true Rugger. As Always, Loco
  10. Loco


    Well said, I too agree. I just get a little irritated when a guy offering nothing to Ghost Recon but an unwanted negative opinion steps up to the plate. You compare that to what I have been able to offer and, well, you know the rest. BTW, the new, all PHP site is well underway and I hope to be open soon. Cheers fella's Loco
  11. Loco


    If you was to do your homework you have also known permission was given to use that template. See, its little crap like this that takes the hosting drive out of me. This makes me wonder if your the guy that keeps filling my forum up with childish posts on this subject. Maybe I need to match your IP up with the on you used to make this account, or did you create an new email to get in here as you to get past my Bans? If this is how you feel I guess I don't have to worry about you coming to me for your downloads theIGS! Loco
  12. Ok, sounds like some of us are game to the plan so far. For all webmaster, this is where it is starting. So far I have a few of the hacker IP's. I have more to list but want to be 100% sure I got the last 3 right before I post them. You can get what I have so far at http://www.locogamer.com/forum/phpBB2/view...wforum.php?f=16 . For those of you that have IP's to add to the list, email me at insane.gamer@verizon.net . Please understand it may take a day or two to post them. I know most of you by name but will need to make sure those I don't know yet are the webmaster and not just some guy with a grudge against John Doe. =) Lets begin and see what we can do. Loco
  13. True, there are good and bad hackers but lets not philosophy. We know what kind of hacker we are talking about. (Loco Dictionary Definition Of The Hacker Type Of This Discutssion) A sorry slab of crap, one who is so pathetic, he needs to hind behind a computer, one who's every breath of our air on this planet is a waste of good air, the brown ring left in a toilet after a month of neglect, one who's grave is emty, and the lucky term for a hacker is, one who doesn't live next to me. Loco, AKA (LocoGamer).
  14. Hey all, Locogamer here. I came up with a plan. I'm not sure if original, but I think it's a good idea nonetheless. I have started a category in my forum for webmaster to all exchange IP address's of known hackers and website trouble makers. With us working together I know we can't eliminate the problem 100%, but I know we can get it under control and make a hell of a difference. Here in a bit I will be listing the hackers IP's for those of you who want to ban them as well. I think it's time to put the kids to bed and get back to having fun, playing the game we all love rather than chasing morons around or wasting our time listening to their unwanted opinions. Loco
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