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  1. nope sorry ... Old hard disks are dead and sorry for reviving a necro thread like this one
  2. i might have the files still somewhere ... still looking for it ?
  3. It was done with Mike Shell's tagging tool. back then we did not have bones in 3dmax to play around with and to import characters. The way the tool worked was to put a color gradient over a mesh assigning different colors for different parts of a body. So with an animal (4 or more legs) you tagged the front left leg as a left leg and the 2nd left leg as a right leg the 3rd as a left and so on ... opposite for the right side. Same worked with arms. However I left arms out of the SST mod since the bug didn't hold a visible gun. The gun he got in igor was similar to the shotgun mod we made earlyer --> very high dmg and very short range and no muzzle flash
  4. Harntrox and myself played around with dogs in GR. Some maybe remeber the Starship troopers bugs we made years ago. It would be possible to get a dog into the game. This was before IT and the modding tools which came with them. IT tools would probably not support the movements. If some1 is really really interested I can go into details how to get a dog in GR Raven
  5. Hey Ruin ! From Sheep Mod to marriage ... long time my friend ! All the best and happiness for the future ! Raven
  6. HX5 was all original content. Don;t blame Ruin, when the mod came out he was starting his modding career with the sheep mod (or something like this) In fact is HX5 somewhat the sequel to Black Sun (Hence HX5 - Red Sun) It was developed during my stay in Harntrox's house ( Great time m8 .. i still miss the 6$ burger dearly!!!!) So be assured in HX5 is only original content or content which was used with WRITTEN permission. DA in the contrary with his mod (i forgot the name) and Gunslinger mods just compiled without any permissions which actually made a couple of ppl quit this whole modding thing. I hope i could shed some light on this misunderstanding. Cheers
  7. Hey Al! Not really anymore .. Settled down .. meet up on MSN and i can send you some details if you are interested Oliver
  8. Hey Para .. Great news ! Downloading and re-installing GR on my new computer ... Oliver
  9. Well it is top secret ... I'm not sure but i was playing with the idea of Domino and have it played in something like Las Vegas .. a lot of indoor fighting and maybe some outdoor .. just need to get the moonlight going again .. i got a bit rusty .. Most probably it is going to be a private mod though .. Any inputs are greatly appriciated though ..
  10. So ppl still mod GR ? Whats happening ? could some1 fill me in how to mod these days ? Mods Rock!
  11. MSN helps me at the moment to keep track of all the news .. remember =DRAG= forums ?
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