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  1. Thanks, much appreciated. I have to thank Chems for letting me use his awesome blackhawk upgrade mod and Bajabravo for his excellent character models (sniper and pointman). If you have any suggestions or issues just post them. I'm in the concept phase for a Desert Expansion for the mod and I'm keen on any ideas anyone may have for making the game more realistic or improving gameplay. Combatech
  2. New aspects I've tried to bring in to the game are sub-types of the four basic soldier classes. The Rifleman class is now broken up into three sub types with dedicated Grenadiers who are equipped with the M203 GLs and Team Leaders with higher starting leadership skills and equipped with the Land Warrior components. Support now has Assault Gunners and Heavy Gunners, the assault variant equipped with the SAWs for on the move support, the heavy troops with the M240 GPMGs for providing that extra firepower from fixed positions. The Sniper class is also split up into snipers carrying the M24s and Scouts/Pointmen who can be used to supplement the sniper with an equally stealthy cover scout, or to be used to probe ahead of the squad in search of enemy. Custom Multiplayer loadouts allow for the retention of these individual sub-types to further diversify the multiplayer options. I'll post more features in the near future. Combatech
  3. Hi all, after months of fluffing around I finally got my latest Total Conversion mod out into the net. The mod is based on the US Army's 1st Infantry Division, and includes as well as new skins and characters a 16 Mission Campaign following the Southern Theatre of the [Ghost Recon] Campaign from the Infantry Divisions point of view. There are a few weird things to look out for, ie two missions that you cannot save on. The missions end up having some chronic opposing force sizes which may cause issues to lower spec machines. The Mod is up on Fileplanet here I believe US 1st Infantry Division 2008-2009 Combatech
  4. Well a funny thing happened to me one Saturday afternoon, I had been working persistently on the mod for the bulk of the week finishing missions, actors that sort of thing to wrap up the mod, I had the mod shell and first 5 missions on a CD coz I had to shift them from my old PC to the current one, anyway I decided to install a few new peices of hardware which was easy enough but by the end of the exercise an evil combination of computer protocol and human error plunged my computer into disarray and the stupid thing decided it would only restart if I reformatted the HD . It took me half an hour to pluck enough courage and reformat the drive consequently losing everything. So that's how I find myself here right back with the beginnings of a mod and pretty much a blank slate of a PC. Sorry for the delay team I'm getting back into it now, the up side being I can now redo some of the early missions more like I wanted them. And with regards to those dudes having problems with that 101st mod just do like I think Avey suggested and copy the other marine and change the number, that should work in the mean time. Explanation 2.0: Well I was sitting there at my computer when all of a sudden people started running past my door screaming, I lept to my feet and recoiled in horror as the 5 foot tall rabid Madagascan Lemur barreled in and proceeded to devour my hard drive, fearing for my life I fled to the local fish and chip shop and bought myself lunch. I later returned to find my PC in tatters so I have been peicing it together ever since. Which is the real truth? YOU DECIDE!!!
  5. I'm a hopeless addict. Since I went out into the big wide world after Taskforce Thresher I've been taking in the sights and chugging along with a new mod, and I know as some of you will remember I said that Taskforce Thresher was the last in the Armored Core series and yes it is but then I got bored and started work on a new mod and to keep my word it isn't an Armored Core mod it is the first in my new series: Battle Vision. This mod is still in progress and at the rate I'm working it'll be about another 6 weeks before it looks at all respectable but I'm working hard on it. As things are going I have a 14+ mission Campaign in mind with new skins for both the player and the enemy, a few retextured maps (curse my lack of 3dsm) and including IT kits into the line up so 'yes' you will need IT and DS to play it. The mod is based on the US Army's 1st Infantry Division in the Campaign against the Russian Ultra Nationalist Regime in 2008. Russian Para's, Ultra-Nationalist Arctic troops and lots of tank camo varients are included. Unfortunately the problem with being a modder on a high spec system is you tend to make some very demanding mods so I am attempting to tone down the sheer size of the missions to make them more playable by you the GR player. Anyway wish me luck and some time (hopefully before GR2) you will see Combatech's 1st Infantry Division mod in the latest mods listings.
  6. Sounds like fun, in the mean time I shall go to the local stores and search for the elusive 3dsm in all its expensive glory.
  7. Why must we oppress the bad guys so? We give the ghosts every vehicle under the sun to aid them in the endless pursuit of the opposing force but has anyone made some vehicles suited to the enemies faced by our favourite Ghosts? If they have I haven't seen them. So next time you're tinkering around with 3dsm, conjuring up war chariots for the Ghosts spare a thought for the bad guys, maybe it's about time for an Op-For Mi-24. Imagination is a gift of the modder, 3dsm is a gift of the rich (or peer to peer inclined). Happy modding team.
  8. Thanks, I'll try to keep it from going to my head though
  9. My Achilles Heel sorry guys, it seems to happen on a regular basis with my mods.
  10. Yes it should fix the problems on all those maps. Turns out they were missing some bad guys. Could explain a few things.
  11. The 101st Airborne Patch is right here at GR.net under downloads as Armored Core 4 Actor Patch. The Taskforce Thresher patch will be up at Fileplanet in a couple of hours as: Fileplanet
  12. The patch for Combatech's Taskforce Thresher Project is up at Fileplanet awaiting posting by staff. So keep your eyes out (only if you can put them back in of course). And thank you to J Aveyard who helped me figure out what I wasn't doing. H Moore
  13. Cheers, I was wondering why they were in a different folder I think I got the problem, the prototype patch is on its way. Look out everyone else the patch is coming
  14. People sort it out, I got a whole heap of people requesting a patch but now no one is gonna lift a finger to help I'm a bit shocked but if you guys don't want the patch any more we can leave it as one of those lost mods forever left unfinished heheh . Well anyway stay cool team. I'm off to sort some other stuff out but if anyone wants to get this patch thing sorted just email me here: b.dmoore@actrix.co.nz between now and the 24th of July and I'll get you to help me test these patches til we get a full working patch.
  15. Howdy team, I am still alive but it has concerned me that my last mod gave you guys so much frustration when it didn't work, so as what could turn into a reappearance of myself on the scene I am going to patch the Taskforce Thresher mod. What I need from you people out there is for you to play the missions you can't play (sounds contradictory but it isn't) and as soon as you crash out go to your Ghost Recon folder where you will find a file named Ike.log, attach this file to an email and send it to me. If you can I will sort something out so everyone can get hold of a patch. Cool? I need your help here people and I'm only on leave for the weekend. Thanks guys.
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