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    Er, mainly mountaineering now - gaming has gone all crap and there are too many cheating to make MP fun anymore. I'll stick to my winter mountains - they're my friends.<br /><br />Oh, and work - if you hadn't guessed I'm in the Law Enforcment line. I'm a Police Officer working on the Motorway network in the Midlands and I love my job - not traffic - denying criminals the use of the roads. I can say I actually look forward to going to work!!!!!!<br /><br />Rich

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  1. Blimey Rocky was it that long ago. I was only talking to a colleague yesterday about the last time I met Geordie and how we all laughed at his funeral - I've never done that before or since. I lost touch with the family, which is a shame, a real shame. Nice to see that you still think of him too. Take care mate, Rich
  2. Chris, In this day and age you could have and should have thumped her as hard as you can - I don't advocate the beating of anyone regardless of gender but if they are assaulting you then you have the right to defend yourself. I'd not blink an eyelid - she'd certainly stop hitting me . As for the Race card - it's the same over here. An excuse for some people to behave in a disgustibng manner and then try to pass the buck in order to avoid blame. But, it works both ways and surely you could put a claim that you were assaulted due to your colour? Hope all is well with you over there, MSN me when you see me online. Rich
  3. - It's been over 5 years and I still think of my buddy. I just had to do a search on here to see if there was a place that kept his memory alive. Thanks for keeping this post on here. Rich formely known as =SeALZ= Skinz
  4. I'm here - Stafford(ish) UK. Not been on the forums much of late as I'm busy at work and when not working I'm trying to beat the effects of age by getting out on my bike or mountaineering. Heading up your way tomorrow Rocky - going to Tyndrum to camp for a few days and doing a charity event and heading up a Munro on Saturday. Rich
  5. The Armed Assault Interactive 7th Guards Division is recuriting. Armed Assault Interactive is currently testing the Beta Servers for it's online battles every Sunday - combat between the US and Russian forces with upto 65 human players competing to take strategic targets. Fully tactical and team based the Armed Assault Servers are set to become the benchmark in Armed Assalt online campaigns - and the 7th Guards are looking for new recruits to immerse themselves in this tactical and absorbing game. We are looking for recruits for the 1st Battalion 119 Parachute Regimant and Pilots for both combat and transport roles. Click the image to be taken to the Armed Assault Interactive Forums. [7]119|GRU|Pvt.Lawman
  6. Turn it off - that and the reticule - use the iron sights and guess work for aiming and you'll have a really hard game but WHAT a game. The third person view is OK when driving - but I tried flying a Harrier and god thats hard with 3rd person....... :no: Rich
  7. The OP asked how big is the Island - big enough to get WELL lost on and it takes forever to cross on foot, or in a hummer for that matter . Rich
  8. Rocky, Can we have a Mods In Progress forum where modders can post with their up-coming mods and progress. A kind of one stop shop so to speak where we can look without having to scroll through loads of requests and other stuff? Rich
  9. Congrats Chris - keep us informed. Rich
  10. Of course - no probs mate. Rich
  11. It's taken some time but I'm beginning to like the game at last. I'm finding that the gameplay is not as linear as I first thought. I still think that GRIN missed a huge opportunity by not including the switching between character that was in GR 1 plus a few other niggles. If they put that right (if they can) then the game will leap forward in my opinions. Rich
  12. Zjj, Links to Image don't have the same impact as the photo! Can you put them back? Rich
  13. Here are a few more - link to image link to image link to image link to image link to image Scotland is the most wonderful place with stunning views, magical light and awesome mountains. Rich MODERATOR EDIT: Large images changed to links.
  14. Ah but it's not un-inhabited - it's populated by the lesser 'Mad as a hatter' Claw Footed Climber in winter and Midges in summer . Rich
  15. I tend to agree with that comment. I'll wait till the mods come out before binning this game. Rich It's your age Chris, that and the fact that you spent so many years running around with full kit and a bloody big gun. But I think I'm older than you
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