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    Bands:<br>Dropkick Murphys<br>The Offspring<br>Green Day<br><br>Profession:<br>Army<br>160th SOAR hopefully

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  1. Saint Anger did a good job angering the neighbors. So did Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim. But we need songs with REAL offensive lyrics Like stuff the Ramones did, Imma try that..
  2. I feel so shamed that I forgot to mention that classic by Leary
  4. Here is a list of songs I play when someone real snobby is within earshot of my PC's mighty Polk Audios!!! These really turns heads... Afroman - Because I got High. AC/DC - Big Balls (Ballroom dancing!) Adam Sandler - The Grandma song DMX - Bring yo' whole crew Dimmu Borgir - Puritania (This one scares people..) Wierd Al - Amish Paradise (I knew someone who was actually OFFENDED by this song) Add some of your more derelict listening selections.
  5. Also, once I can access a scanner, I will post some concept art.
  6. After a ratehr lengthy delay, The American Civil War mod for Ghost Recon is now back into the works. This mod will have 2 versions. Union and Confederate Union story: A small unit of advanced Union infantry scouts has formed into a "Special Forces" unit. The unit specializes in unconventional warfare. Soldiers specialize in stealth and sharpshooting attacks. They use various weapons, some standard, others custom, some experimental. Recon is the usual line of work. Due to the self reliance factor and lone missions, the soldiers cary very large packs and were dubbed The Ba
  7. Neil Armstrong didn't land on the moon. Ever. I did. But he took the credit.
  8. "widjadidja" (you didn't bring deh truck widjadidja?) "Owned" "I are leet"
  9. I'm gonna cry.. I knew a really cute girl back in Texas that was a brunette but its still funny XD
  10. I've gotten 4 kills in one shot with the M82
  11. Sounds like my friends dad actually, I was playing some Conkers Bad Fur Day with him, and his sister was going out on a date, her date rang the bell, and she hurried him out the door, i wondered why, then i hear his dad say "Where is he?" i turn around, and he has his Sawed off Mossberg and a box of shells. My friends mother kinda shook her head and let out a sigh, and he said "What?"
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