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  1. Hello Guys, Hope everyone is doing well here @ GhostRecon.Net. I am currently on Ps4 and I am contemplating on getting a new Xbox and returning to that platform. Im just browsing the net for info on a bundle deal for Xbox S and GR:Wildlands, but Im not really getting results. Is there any word on such a bundle coming upon release? Thanks for the help, Jay.
  2. Ok, It's a dev t-shirt,so I guess I wont be getting one of them. Feel free to delete this post, cheers fellas.
  3. Hi Guys, I was wondering if you know if there are any clothing items for Wildlands on the way. I'd like to get my hand's on of of these T-shirt's, Cheers, Jay.
  4. Delighted to read that,cheers buddy. Now, if they only bring back user created lobbies (larger than 4 man squad) for some co-op missions against the A.I. I'd be over the moon on this one.
  5. Meant to ask, when you guys were playing co-op, was there icons and such to tell you-you can cover here and you can cover there,(crates, walls, vehicles etc) like those blue icons in FS showing up everywhere I looked. If they are, can they be turned off? just found them a distraction and too much on screen clutter that wasn't really necessary. Cheers.
  6. Hey, A.I. BlueFox, how's thing's mate? It sound's like you guy's had a good time checking Wildland's out. Cheer's for the feedback, I was iffy when seeing it for the first time, but im warming up to it, let's see how it play's out. I like the idea of vehicle interaction, and being more involved with the environment. Do you think there will be host lobbies for multi-player?, I know there's the co-op campaign story mode for up to 4 player's, but those lobbies with a larger group to play Co-op mission's together with 8-16, they were good times and I'd love to see something like that again, even 8 player's I'd be happy with. My other concern is will they support this game throughout when released? We were kind of left hanging with Future soldier, so ya I'm kind of fearful they may abandon us after release of a few dlc package's.
  7. Thank's for the welcome back mate, hope thing's are good with you and everyone here at GhostRecon.Net. Can you tell me if they slowed down the character "run" feature, i.e. for the consoles (not sure about the pc) but if I held A or X and my guy just runs non stop, have they slowed that down any bit, say does my character slow down to any degree to "catch his breath" again. I like that feature in games because it allows me to slow down myself and gather myself and maybe reassess my options. You know playing FS and running and next thing you just stick to some awkward object you didn't intend to, head wreck at times. (alot of shouting at the tv happens in cases like this lol)
  8. Hi Rocky, Can you tell or say from what you have seen yourself, does it have a GR "feel" to it. Love to go back to that old skool tactical / slow style gameplay. Cheers, Jay.
  9. Hi Folks, Just mentioned it here on our local radio station too. We all have a good idea what we would like a Ghost Recon movie to be like in our own way, But I think Hammer's already hit the nail in the head as to the way it may turn out in the end. Lets see how this one goes.
  10. Hammer Strike would be the final nail in the coffin Zee lol
  11. I know that my friend , Im just thinking along the line's of these are the first additional mission's,not tied to the singleplayer.
  12. Hi Folk's, Just sharing in case you havnt seen it, Title change? from Retribution to Blacklist (Splinter Cell 6) http://ie.ign.com/vi...-gameplay-video Thought's? Enjoy & peace.
  13. So are these the first "Co-Op" misssion's Dlc? (Not apart of the singleplayer campaign) Suggesting by this menu screen:
  14. D man, This is one of the first GR's that the Clan hasnt got together on. That says alot,its a damn shame,I miss lobbies that could hold a large group of friends and get some serious tactical Co-op on and have some epic game nights.Those days seem gone. Introduce a Dlc "Classic Mode" or something,game is really missing it. Here's hoping..................(someday,maybe) Also Thanks to DarkJediMasterX with the video uploads. Peace.
  15. 1 Guerilla Co-op Map, Seen a dev playing 1 new map about 2 weeks ago,playing on Pipeline. If that's what we are getting,id be disappointed,a brand new map should be in the dlc imo.
  16. Alright mate, Are we talking about the same bug?I wouldnt be surprised if there was another one,seen too many date, But gave up reading the bugs thread on Gr.com.I see them for myself when paying,so I just sigh and roll my eyes.
  17. Had it happen to me on a playthrough also. I just pressed the start button and restarted the last checkpoint, Ive had to do this on various missions too, just to carry on a mission. If your still having the issue,try to restart your last checkpoint or even though I havnt tried it,it may help if a friend Co-op hosts the mission for you and join up with him/her. It may help,just throwing the idea out there. Peace.
  18. How's it going folk's. Personally this is the first "GR" that dosnt feel like a Ghost Recon game to me. Playing Graw & Graw2 had that appeal,that draw,that attraction that made you want to get online and team up, work together,play well and get your tactics down and the job done. GRFS to me is missing the "essence" of what GR is supposed to be. And Mitchell,he's supposed to be a major in Grfs SP right,giving you overhead feed and intel,I thought that's why he was mentioned to be in Grfs,Ubi said it was official he was in it,so lol where is he?I havnt seen him,so legendary of a ghost you dont even see him in game. Now THATS a Ghost. AI in Grfs...... meh,AI in R6V2 now THAT was good,that was a game you would play with guys and say,Oh damn here they come,run away lol. I could go on but meh,I feel really let down by this "title". Graw 3 with no Bs,anyone?
  19. Hello Folk's, Came across this today,just sharing again. Peace. Compressed link : http://bit.ly/K0klLe ( http://www.giantbomb.com ) or:
  20. Ghost Recon Future Soldier media launch party in Toronto -Posted on YT.com/UbisoftToronto.14Th May 2012. (Tried putting the media link in,but diverts to a different video.)
  21. Copy that Zee,cheer's. Mod's can delete this thread, Thank's.
  22. Not sure if many people here know or have seen it,just seen it myself now,so I am sharing here. GR.com main page. Will we see Scott Mitchell in Ghost Recon Future Soldier? Yes, Scott Mitchell plays a key role in the game, but he is not part of the active/playable squad. As we’ve progressed into the future, Scott’s role with the Ghosts has evolved. He’s been promoted to Major, and serves as your key source of mission briefing and intel from HQ. He’s the leader of the entire Ghost unit, but no longer in the field. With the physical demands of the Ghosts, you have a short window of active duty. You can’t be too young, or too old. However, Mitchell’s knowledge and experience are so valuable that he will always be a part of the Ghosts. He’s a legend, and you don’t just let legends walk away. Link: http://ghost-recon.ubi.com/gr-portal/en-GB/news/news_detail.aspx?c=tcm:21-48270&ct=tcm:6-231-32 See how it play's out I guess.
  23. Think there is an image posted by a user on GR.com.if I find it I'll post it. You unlock/insert code by doing it online via GR.com>GR network. You get the Five-Seven,and suppose it is to be redeemed through the full game. Tested in the Beta,but didnt show up. Edit: Info added. Image code:10.01 mins into Alpha film. http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2012/18/1336188276-sacreUBISOFT.png Posted by:Nexolate "Wild Boar" ULTERIOR FEUDS Here is a short link to GR code topic. http://bit.ly/J2gh16
  24. Bet you one of the "secret achievements" for GRfs is to shoot her in game,sure is tacky. No,she aint my cup of tea.
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