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  1. Well I made it through Elite to mission 10 again ( after doing it on veteran to the same point ) The same thing is happening after a new disc, reinstalling the game on the xbox there is still no voice over about finding someone to help open the eye scanner door lock. So I run around to the canteen and get the pop up notice that I made it without firing a shot but there is no guy to capture and make open the eye scanner. I can't continue because I have to get into that room to open the cell door. SO this is it - I can't finish the game. Does any one know why this is happening over and over even after I replaced the game disc with a new one and started a new campaign and reinstalled the game on the xbox? I am desperate to finish the game.
  2. I made it to the Gallant Thief mission BUT when I go to look for the other building to unlock door to cells I am supposed to hear the instructions that I need to find someone to help with the eye scan door lock. Well I enter kill the guard and enter the area with the eye scan door lock but no instructions. Go out around the building to the rec area where there is supposed to be a guy sitting with his back to the window - NO GUY. There is nowhere to go after that. I thought it was a bad disc so I returned it to Amazon and got a new one. Same thing. I deleted the game on my XBOX 360 - still the same. I started the mission over - same thing. So I finally thought it might work if I start a new campaign. Not there yet so I don't know if it will work. I saw a walkthrough of this mission to see what was up and sure enough it had the instruction audio to find the guy in the rec room and there he was. Some other glitches in the game that caused me angst: At one point when I was supposed to stack up at a door in the glowing white circle only two of the other three guys showed up. Nothing to do but restart the mission. Also a few times the screen just went black and I had to go back to restart the game. I agree with a previous post about the aiming when not pressing the right stick. I find it difficult in the heat of some of the difficult Elite missions to remember that what you're aiming at isn't what you going to hit. You have to expose yourself more to see where you are really going to hit someone. Then you die. I'd really appreciate any help with the Gallant Thief issue as I'd like to be able to finish the game.
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