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  1. um...why the hell are you quoting yourself???? Anyway yes, it's for GRAW2
  2. The SOCOM pistol does show up, the AK-47 and SVD are set as AI-only weapons, which you'll need to modify.
  3. Well clearly it DOES work otherwise you wouldn't be seeing any changes. I created the mix for my own purposed - it was never intended to go to anyone else so if you don't like it you'll have to edit it yourself. That is easy to do, it's just a simple text file edit, but the basics of the mod combinations is there. I love the thanks I get for getting the file to you as well, makes things like this so worthwhile
  4. Sorry about the delay folks, I haven't checked this site in quite a while. Anyway just grab the file from http://hosted.filefront.com/DarthWindu and after you've downloaded it, extract directly into your 'local' folder.
  5. I have all of the files completely added. It includes Brettzies mod, the SOCOM .45 pistol from the M-4 SOPMOD mod, and the AK-47 and SVD from the...AK-47 and SVD mod. I can zip up the folder you need so all you need to do is dump it into your GRAW2 directory if you'd like?
  6. Well you just have to add Brettzies mod and then add the various components of the other mods. It's not technically hard but it is prone to erros - so for example you forget to add one file and suddenly the game crashes or just doesn't start. It's good when it's finally done though.
  7. If you've reformed your ways, then I applaud you But I must say, if you REALLY want to do something such as adding a new weapon, don't do things that have already been done. Brettzies weapons pack already gives us the M-16, so another one really isn't needed. How about something different such as a FAMAS, a Styer AUG, a P-90? Do something unique and make a splash
  8. You realise that's easily doable. Hell I combined Brettzies mod with the pistol from the M-4 SOPMOD mod and the AK-47 mod.
  9. Personally I'd like to see new weapons like the P-90 that we PC owners missed out on... I'm just glad Brettzies took the time to do the mod at all
  10. As the title says. Oh and before the pitchforks come out with screams of "it's illegal!", it's for my own personal use only. Anyway I've successfully altered and added the files I need to add/alter, yet the game isn't liking the new weapons. Those I'm trying to add are the G36K and G36C, plus the Hk416 (called the M416 in GRAW2). Help?
  11. Well Snowfella, I don't suppose you could use your vast and impressive skills to make me a SCAR-H with sniper barrel could you? That way your secret is protected, and I get to marvel at my GRAW dream come true.
  12. So hang on - Pakistani UN peacekeepers in Somalia have a nuclear bomb...why?? Even if you accepted that, why would they withdraw, without the bomb, after FOUR deaths?!?! I admire your attempt to create a mod, but you really need to work on the story.
  13. Well I'm not so much worried about having the SCAR-L as a CQC version, but I DO want the SCAR-H as the sniper version. How far can the barrel be extended?
  14. Well I tried with the models, but with no success. I've actually been trying to use the SCAR-L model source from GRAW, modify it by extending the sniper attachment point and grenade launcher attachment, but that doesn't work either. Essentially with the grenade launcher point, I want to extend it forward so that it fits properly with the SCAR-H launcher and mag. Snowfella - is it possible to extend the length of the barrel on the SCAR-L source model as well?
  15. Sorry I should have been more specific, this is in single-player, not multi-player. My bad. The thing I don't get though is that GRAW runs fantastically, yet GRAW2 lags. I know my graphics isn't the greatest, but still it passes even the recommended specs to play GRAW2.
  16. Alright I have a problem. Whenever I try to export the GRAW scar-l max model (using 3ds max 8 sp3), even without changing anything, I get an error telling me that All I'm trying to do is move the grenade launcher and 'grip' align points a bit further forward, so that it will show up normally using the SCAR-H grenade launcher and the bigger 7.62mm magzine. I'd also like to increase the barrel length but that's not possible as far as I can tell. Help?
  17. Hi folks, So I'm playing GRAW2, but I'm getting significant lag. It's still playable, but it doesn't 'feel' right if you know what I mean. There is lag, which is quite annoying, but I have no idea why. I went to http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest and passed the GRAW2 test with flying colours. My current specs are - AMD 6000+ CPU (dual 3Ghz cores) - Windows XP Sp3 - Gigabyte 512MB 8500GT graphics - 2GB DDR2 667 RAM
  18. All I mean with the R6/GR divide is that, okay, they perform slightly different roles in that R6 is hostage rescue, GR is military recon.special ops. But at the same time many special forces units, such as the Australian SASR perform both roles. Look at the equipment and tactics as well - the only real difference is that the R6 teams never have grenade launchers attached to their rifles. In terms of variety, the R6 missions will inevitably be inside or near buildings, they are after all trying to rescue hostages and whatnot. To me then, it seems superflous having GR also in an urban setting, thought slightly different. Putting the GR series back into the open-warfare military ops setting gives the entire series a more unique feel, and certainly makes it a distinct entity from the R6 games. Oh wile I'm at it I'll completely agree about the whole controlling vehicles and aircraft thing - I hadn't actually thought of that.
  19. I really don't see why people hate the 'Advanced Warfighter' concept so much. Okay it's certainly not the greatest FPS in human history, but they're not bad games either. Personally though IF there is to be a GR3 I'd want it moved back to the battlfield like the original GR - my favourite level I think was when you were in a swamp and would have to use stealth to attack a house...I don't remember a heap about it, but it was all good fun. Okay urban combat is really relevant right now, but thats what the R6 series is for.
  20. Oh hey Brettzies, are there any plans to include more weapons in the future like the AUG, FAMAS, P90 etc etc?
  21. Wow, complicated! I'll give it a shot though. Not sure if the P90 and SCAR-H models I found will be able to be used, but I did find models of the AUG and FAMAS that should be usable.
  22. Well I've never actually tried to transfer files between an xbox and PC, I don't even have an xbox, just thought it would be easier if they were using the same file type etc which it seems they don't. Still I do have models, so hopefully won't be too hard.
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