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  1. because you say so - MARSOC reskins - pweez. 2 versions - Woodland MARPAT and M81 Woodland. All with Coyote brown gear and tan helmets - : D
  2. Hey brettzies i have like 2 questions. 1.with the new acu patch-ish, you can change camo's and stuff, but the issue is that when you change ramirez's bdu camo, the boonie hat still stays acu. anyways to make it go with the camo you like ? 2.any idea's or plan to update the weapon pack ? that is all lol.
  3. hey any plans on releasing this soon ? would love to download the weapon skins
  4. looks nice DerRelient. to be honest with a few things tho - the acu and m81 don't really look that great together. i don't know if you were aiming for that or not :| if anything i think you should make all the equipment (crye armour and trousers, etc) a tan to give it a more Special forces look also if you don't mind, could you take a look at my marpat request ? i'm hoping someone could make them look like special marine units
  5. I would like to request 2 new re-skins for Brettzies new weapon pack 2.05 ots version. Since brettzies released the new pack which let you play in 3rd person, i finally want to request a skin where you can see your own character with it (besides your teammates). Anyways, the 2 skins i'm request are both MARPAT - but a woodland and desert version. For both skins, i would like it if the equipment (kevlar, bags, ammo pouches, etc) are done in a coyote brown. I would also like if the mich 2001 helmet was the color tan. Now for the Woodland version, i would like the boonie cap to be done in woodland marpat and the cap in OD green. For desert marpat, the boonie would be desert marpat and the cap would be tan.The last thing i would like to request is IF the gloves can be redone to look like green nomex gloves. I think it would give off a great finished look in the end for the skin
  6. sorry to tell you guys late but tailer76 doesn't make skins anymore really. i sent him a msg awhile ago asking if he was working on anymore re-skins and he replied back saying how he's become more busy and how he doesn't play games anymore
  7. Hey brettzies first just wanted to say the mod has come a long wayyy and just gets better and better each time keep up the good work anyways just wanted do you have any plans on updating the weapon pack ?
  8. http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/773/lolnp3kx4.jpg
  9. I'm starting to like them more and more, but it took a while to get something that looked balanced. Still going to tweak a few things like the flag. I might be able to take the Mitchell head and do a few texture variations to represent the different guys. I would just use their heads, but the helmet is part of the mesh on the other guys. At least his neck shouldn't poke through. It seems that the small majority here likes them so it might be the way to go. I do like that they are different enough from the mercs and sf and not too space age. Only problem with using the merc and sf bodies is you look like the enemy kind of. How about giving some of the operators unshaven faces. They look a bit too clean cut and I think that some beard stubble would be perfect. yea. a lot of SF dudes don't really look clean or have a clean cut. Supposedly they do so because in places like afghanistan and iraq, they have to blend in with the area and the people so they don't stand out as a enemy. you think its possible to give them like plain t shirts to give it a more SF feel ?
  10. that's so awesome. period. but if they only camel packs - darn >:\
  11. It did look a bit big. I shrunk it down some. The guy with the black hat reminds me a lot about CoD 4 xD Keep them good SS's comin but i've got a question - since your making British soldier's for the pack - does this mean that the original character's will be swapped out with the brits ? or our we going to be able to choose which looks we prefer for the characters. Also, just to add on to bugkill and dimas87, it would look a lot better with unbloused boots. To me for some reason, it gives the character a look as if the person is a high class soldier, but with a casual look lol. As for dimas note, it would look nice replacing the black equipment with tan'd equipment. Again, for some reason i think it makes the character look like a SF dude or spec ops or something. Replacing the camo would be neat too. Multicam looks very nice, but i like the looks of modern and used camo's. a lot of US SF dudes use acu pat and some of the older ones like 3 desert camo and woodland
  12. Bro, just ignore us and finish what you got almost done. I think the MK18 and the other additions are good enough, and I think that you should just concentrate pushing those out for now. You are doing us a great service by sharing your work, which I'm sure takes up most of your time. Please concentrate on what you have now and worry about the other requests for future stuff down the road. By the way, did you ever consider hooking up with someone that has texturing skills, so that maybe a couple of your weps could be given a camo paint job down the road? Bugkill is absolutely correct. Whether I, Bugkill or someone else asks for a request or something, it's best you finish what you've got now and deal with the other stuff after. You just working on this whether people pay attention or not, and whether people appreciate your work or not show's that your very committed to working on this project and making others satisfied.
  13. WHAAAA !!!!!! - i was just about to ask if you were going to add the susat scope last night - but I guess I'm already too late xD That looks really awesome Don't know what else is on your list but keep them comin BTW - just wanted to ask some quick things. Do you think in any chance you could make the iron sights on the M468, M4 and M16 actually usable? No offense, I find it kind of use less to add iron sights if you can't even look through them. To be honest you might as well take it off and for the M4A1 - just add rear flip up sights and same goes for the M16. M468 could stay the same though lol. Also another thing, if you know or not, the M468 has been done a re make over and now its called the REC 7. The main difference between the M468 and the REC 7 is just the outer looks. The RIS on the REC 7 seems to be a bit small and has a more clean look to it. The biggest difference probably though is the full length top rail system. It would be cool if you could add the new REC 7 maybe in this pack or a future pack to show that as the packs update, so do the weapons in your pack.
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