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  1. um...why the hell are you quoting yourself???? Anyway yes, it's for GRAW2
  2. The SOCOM pistol does show up, the AK-47 and SVD are set as AI-only weapons, which you'll need to modify.
  3. Well clearly it DOES work otherwise you wouldn't be seeing any changes. I created the mix for my own purposed - it was never intended to go to anyone else so if you don't like it you'll have to edit it yourself. That is easy to do, it's just a simple text file edit, but the basics of the mod combinations is there. I love the thanks I get for getting the file to you as well, makes things like this so worthwhile
  4. Sorry about the delay folks, I haven't checked this site in quite a while. Anyway just grab the file from http://hosted.filefront.com/DarthWindu and after you've downloaded it, extract directly into your 'local' folder.
  5. I have all of the files completely added. It includes Brettzies mod, the SOCOM .45 pistol from the M-4 SOPMOD mod, and the AK-47 and SVD from the...AK-47 and SVD mod. I can zip up the folder you need so all you need to do is dump it into your GRAW2 directory if you'd like?
  6. Well you just have to add Brettzies mod and then add the various components of the other mods. It's not technically hard but it is prone to erros - so for example you forget to add one file and suddenly the game crashes or just doesn't start. It's good when it's finally done though.
  7. If you've reformed your ways, then I applaud you But I must say, if you REALLY want to do something such as adding a new weapon, don't do things that have already been done. Brettzies weapons pack already gives us the M-16, so another one really isn't needed. How about something different such as a FAMAS, a Styer AUG, a P-90? Do something unique and make a splash
  8. You realise that's easily doable. Hell I combined Brettzies mod with the pistol from the M-4 SOPMOD mod and the AK-47 mod.
  9. Personally I'd like to see new weapons like the P-90 that we PC owners missed out on... I'm just glad Brettzies took the time to do the mod at all
  10. As the title says. Oh and before the pitchforks come out with screams of "it's illegal!", it's for my own personal use only. Anyway I've successfully altered and added the files I need to add/alter, yet the game isn't liking the new weapons. Those I'm trying to add are the G36K and G36C, plus the Hk416 (called the M416 in GRAW2). Help?
  11. Well Snowfella, I don't suppose you could use your vast and impressive skills to make me a SCAR-H with sniper barrel could you? That way your secret is protected, and I get to marvel at my GRAW dream come true.
  12. So hang on - Pakistani UN peacekeepers in Somalia have a nuclear bomb...why?? Even if you accepted that, why would they withdraw, without the bomb, after FOUR deaths?!?! I admire your attempt to create a mod, but you really need to work on the story.
  13. Well I'm not so much worried about having the SCAR-L as a CQC version, but I DO want the SCAR-H as the sniper version. How far can the barrel be extended?
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