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  1. 1 month after the last update we finally added some somalian camo to the boxer within an MG4 We also made process in bringing our load of things ingame, next screenshots will hopefully show ingame shots of some things
  2. Dont worry! We're still on it! Just fixing thingsetc!
  3. Thank you, we're trying at the moment to get it all ingame...
  4. Uh yes, that would be nice since I made so many vehicles and APC's Even when its just static nature, I'd love when our mapmaker manages to include it to the map
  5. Does anybody know which tools our mapmaker does need to create a map?
  6. Thank you my friend, I'm sure this will help us a lot Edit: We've made boats but I think they got no function here? But since we've the model we could make it as respawn point in the level? Would be cool if somebody who can help us with this/who has good tutorials/ideas. I call NO work tiny. Everywork is important. This is why I don't say "Ah, you just made that small fix etc." because I'm happy about everyone who is able to help us even a little. Small Patrol Boat We had it fully texturized in ArmA. The model and textures for this one aren't the best but as simple respawn point its in very good use I think. Also I edited the AK47 again Have a nice day,
  7. Hi folk, Brigante who has responsed in one comment is also a mod member, I agree, the story really needs some work, but I'm working on the weaponpack temporary, so I've no time yet. If anyone of you has a good suggest, then here you go, i'd be happy if you make it public. Thats my AK47 so far, there is still a long way in modeling (Also optimizing so that it does not end up with too many poly's)
  8. @SnowFella Yes, thats right but nothing to worry. Its something close between our member NGFT and placebo. We wanted to get the topic closed because we see no point having an topic for arma when we decided yesterday, that we're moving due the better engine and excellent gameplay to GRAW2 Also we feel that GRAW2 hasn't such a big modding scene and it would be nice to start a mod
  9. Hi friends, Its a very nice community around here. I like it even moer than the ArmA Community:) Yes, we're trying to bring everything in, in small steps of course. I see many of you are experienced with the game Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, regarding modding. Any hint cise very useful. Have a nice day friends, Drag
  10. Good morning lads, We're a modification moved from the game "ArmA/Armed Assault". The reason why we're here is because the physical engine of ArmA does not allow us to do any great addons, Its not possible to simulate bullets penetration/Character just having an falling down anim or all the other great things PhysicX is providing us. We're quiete happy and highly motivated to start this project. Here's the story, Story: We’re writing the year 1992. Operation “Restore Hope†failed and UN convoys are leaving the country. Mohammed Farah Aidid and his rebellion force grew up to an incredible level and since no US or UN forces are in the country anymore, they managed it to bring the government under their control. As a Pakistani UN convoy was on its way to the border, opposition forces ambushed it. 4 UN soldiers left there lives the rest managed it to escape. As the Somali searched the wreck of an damaged UN truck they found parts of an nuclear device. The device was immediately loaded to the new government with Mohammed Farah Aidid as leader with its place in Mogadishu, Central Somalia. 10 years they managed it to hide it. Year 2006: Iran wants to build an atomic device to force Israel to leave the pakistani area under the cover of an “Nuclear Power Plants System†but due the international pressure they cannot continue their program. After Mohammed Farah Aidid died the new leader; Akashi Nubuto took place as president and offered the device Iran. It took 6 months to load the device and bring it via ship/truck to the Iran border. January 2008: The Nato was calmed since Iran did not continue its program. Summer 2008: The Iran government dares to uncover its program and was confronted Israeli Air attacks immediately. But the Israeli Air attacks failed because their lead assumed that Iran would have its devices near the power plants. 2 weeks later Iran launches the missile… The player starts as the US soldier “David Johnson†who’s heavily wounded in the battlefield and thinks back to 1992, how the war would look like; would the US Delta Forces managed it to capture Mohammed Farah Aidid and would have managed it to secure the device… Click on the pictures to entlarge Work by TriSN South African Mamba APC "You'll be dead before you face it" High Poly AK47 "Before the cartridge touches the ground you're already down" MP5N "Its looking like an ordinary submaschine gun and nothing to compare to the M16; but when you're hit; you'll see no difference" MP5N/stock "If you want to hit nothing and just spray around then is the MP5N without stock your handgun of choice" South African Eland APC "Who does not like riding in an old ass APC with old ass WEAPONS among dead ass enemies" South African SAMIL20 Truck "I'd rather use this one in offroad than some of my jeep's"; Captain Hollandovik Addons of Brigante; Nuclear Device "Gigan is a noob. He never manged it to make his bomb work in MP proper... Now here's coming a new ass guy who started from scratch and had no ArmA experience; and made it possible after 7 years of waiting"; Drag, Modleader Some of the pics are made in ArmA but I plan to import the things we mentioned since we made them. The only bad issue: We've no modding experience in GRAW2. Which tools would we need to import our 3d's work and integrate it into GRAW2. Is there even interest for such a mod? Nice Regards; Me ___________________________________________________________________________________ We're recruting!! If you want to be in the mod (And thats for sure) then post a response or contact me. We need mission and map makers; but if you can do ANYTHING different please go in contact with us
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