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  1. the procedure for getting the zues in the secondary tab should (note: I said should) be the same as the steps mentioned earlier in this thread... however, it may not work because the zues is scripted just for certain missions, meaning it's not always going to be in your inventory...
  2. 2 thumbs up, looks really cool... gj...
  3. maybe it's the screen size\res. thats making the sights off?
  4. go to the sb_inventory_data.xml and find the: <!-- AMMO FOR SINGLEPLAYER AND COOP --> section and edit the defualt amount of clips you can carry. defualt: <var name="ammo_max_556" type="number" default="10"/> new: <var name="ammo_max_556" type="number" default="20"/> change it to your liking... the weapons xml (i.e. u_scar_light.xml, etc.) is where you change the amount of rnds in the clip itself: defualt: <var name="clip_max" value="30"/> new: <var name="clip_max" value="45"/> hope it helps... as far as changing the ammo type\calib
  5. @ Mig1, actually I take back what I said about the anim_name, I used the steelsight for the aimpoint on the mr-c, not the defualt... sorry 'bout the confusion... I was looking at a diff. weapon when I posted the above statement... was you able to get the sniper scope to work on the mr-c as well?
  6. I didn't change any thing, I just added it to the gun, and everything seemed to work ok... so whatever the anim_name is for the aimpoint, that's what it used... It was dead on, on my system...
  7. yes, you could keep the same tree structure... I wouldn't zip everything, just what you intend to share, i.e. the texture folder...
  8. you might think about using the 7-zip (.7z), it has better compression then the regular .zip file...
  9. thanks NYR 32, i think some of those guys are coming over from the UBI forums, there are a few people over there B**ching about Mig1's mod and calling all modders hackers and cheats... not cool man, not cool... b.o.t. I have add the aimpoint to the crye (mr-c) with no problems, works in game and all, it's cool... still no go with the sniper scoper or the m8 combat sight though... @Mig1, as far as anim., can't you just change the anim_name from sniper_scope to combatsight and use it's anim.? I noticed thats what you did with the sniper scope for the scar...
  10. Hey Mig1, I got the sniper scope on the crye with no problems, but I can't get it to zoom in and out (right-click) like it's supposed to, any ideas? How did you get it to work on your scar?
  11. dude, thanks a million... I'll give it a try... Edit: @ Galil SAR, this was a big help man, thanks! I got it working and have all the guns I want in the primary and secondary tabs. One problem I noticed though, I can't seem to get the sniper rifle into the secondary tab, no matter what I do. It locks up the game everytime. Oh well, I pretty much have what I was asking for originally, so no complaints here. Also, I've figured out how to get the m8 combatsight option working for the m8-compact. Here's what I did to get it to work: There are 4 files you’ll need to edit:
  12. I'm thinking you may have to create a completely new set of files (like Mig1 did for the new scar) for each weapon you what in the secondary tab, that way it won't interfere with the originals in the primary tab. And when you make the new set of files for each weapon, just change it’s tab location from primary to secondary. That way the weapons will be in both primary and secondary tabs. However, this is just a gestamation...
  13. that would be cool to have both the aimpoint and the sniper scope for Crye (MR-C)...
  14. @Mig1, I found using the aimpoint on the mk48 was way off, the sniper scope was off just a little, the crye combatsight on the scar was mussed up a bit is there a way to fix these?
  15. actually, i think that "not used" is just for the overall_tactical_difficulty line, so the player health multiplier may still work... have you tried using an more common value like say 10 or 100? I think 100,000 may be a bit much, also the game may not recognize the "," between the zero's... just a thought... thanks for the head-up though, I haven't tried it yet, but I might investigate a bit further to see what happens... side thought: don't you need to start a new profile in order for the changes in these particular files to take effect?
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