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  1. Here is a skin I'm working on for Mig1's SCAR mod
  2. Here it is http://www.filehosting.cc/download.php?id=A54EF6C8 (9.42MB) This will replace the XM8, MP5SD, SCAR with some of the other skins I have posted in this thread. (As requested by Yuya6104) Also here is the aimpoint skin used in these pics http://www.filehosting.cc/download.php?id=9656AED0 (704.57KB) XM8 SCAR-H SCAR-L MP5SD
  3. Thank's alot bro and the name is all good. And Yuya6104 I will put the other skin's up this weekend.
  4. Well if any one wants it here it is http://www.filehosting.cc/download.php?id=7685BFCA about 24MB. I think I have skined all the guns that are usable with some sort of camo (Picks in zip) Also some of the skins have changed a bit (But I have back-ups of the ones in this thread if any one wants them too)
  5. Cool I will go download it and give it a try. Should I just rar/zip/7z the local folder up keeping the tree structure ?? (it's about 40MB) and then people can just un rar/zip/7z the file and place the skins into the local folder on their PC ??
  6. Hi all, I'm finished with my skins and I am wondering if any one can point me to a guide on how I should rar/zip all these skins up ?? and what files are needed in the rar/zip for a working release ?? Thanks. And here is a pic of my final (meaning I like it) version
  7. Well here are the rest of my skins. Now all I have to do is re-do the XM8 the SAW and a couple more of the addons. Glock M9 Barret MP5-SD MR-C And a couple of in game shot's. And thank's for all the kind word's (and when I figure out how to pack them all up and finish re-skining them all, I might release them.)
  8. Thank's guy's. Here are a couple more skin's I have been messing with. SCAR-H SCAR-L XM8 MX8-C I forgot to do the iron sight's for the XM8 compact
  9. My first attempt at a weapon skin for GRAW.
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