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  1. Exactly. The "GR" and "Tom Clancy" name used to have a particular meaning for me so its a disappointment to see the direction the series has taken. This disappointment will not allow me to enjoy FS, even though I enjoyed Crysis. I guess its just psychological but if they would've ended the "Tom Clancy's GR" line and just called this "Future Soldier", I'd probably have a more positive view of it. Sure, I realize I'm probably in the minority but its not like I'm angry or anything - its just an opinion. The company is successful and they are free to make profit in whichever manner works for them
  2. Yes, next will be Tom Clancy's: Planet of the Apes The ultra realistic portrayal the the impending war between humans and Apes. The Clancy name is ###### now.
  3. This one has always made an impression on me: http://www.labnol.org/wp/images/2007/06/gr...-geographic.jpg Her eyes are so striking. edit: then vs now http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/afgh...es/ft_hdr.0.jpg
  4. I swore you did that task force wraith thing, but i just realized it was scubaman. Sorry for the mixup. Bad memory. That was me...
  5. ^oops sorry! must have hit the wrong "Quote" button
  6. I just don't buy this argument. I don't know if you believe this for your self but moral relativism does not work in the real world. The crimes that these British people were wanted for are crimes in both Britain and in the US. Its just that the crime was not committed in Britain, but in the US. Again, this is not a freedom of speech issue and Iits interesting that you are arguing in defense of theocracy - because its THEIR society. We have to use logic, and it is illogical to arrest a person for allowing Muslim students to name a teddy bear "Mohammad" and then subsequently demand her execution. Also, the point is that 1 and 2 failed to work. I doubt the US would "kidnap" citizens from our allies without at least asking the host country first. It doesn't make political sense. I think it just comes down to this: If one believes that the US is an evil, corrupt country that takes pride on stomping on the little guy, nothing will change one's mind about it.
  7. I don't know Krise, everyone is playing nice. But granted. So here is my question: What do you do if you would like to bring someone to justice if they have committed a crime in your country and his home country is not cooperating? Kidnapping is an inflammatory word and it implies that the person being kidnapped is being victimized. My point is to keep in mind that these are people that committed real CRIMES. These are not people who simply said "death to America" or "F- Bush". If that were the case, most celebrities and half the US democrat party would be in jail
  8. If it were about words, yes. But its not about freedom of speech and it hasn't been in the past. Hell, burning a US flag and then peeing on it to put the fire out is considered free speech here and nobody can touch you. These are not military tribunals with national security hanging in the balance. These people are wanted for corruption or other corporate crimes which span multiple international borders and criminal proceedings are far more regulated than military. Don't confuse us with Sudan and we are not moving in the direction of Putin's Russia Everyone craps on America. How much criticism does China or Russia receive for restricting freedom of speech or assassinating journalists? THAT is scary! edit: took out ##### and replaced with more acceptable words
  9. Well I married a Russian so now I'm trying to learn and its damn hard!
  10. sucks for them...but don't try to convince me that Britain doesn't play dirty sometimes.
  11. Well one thing is for sure...Jade and Assassin's Creed are getting a lot of press and all press is good press.
  12. Not to stir controversy...BUUUT: It seems to me that the point of the comic is satirical in nature. I know nothing about the videogaming industry but the one and only video game producer that I know of is this Jade chick...I'm guessing because she's a pretty face. Just my $0.02...and the comic is obviously degrading and I'm not taking any side in the debate...just sayin'. ps...I found it right quick by using live search (image results).
  13. I think most of the controversy is among [GR] players feeling left behind. GRAW looks prettier but plays crappy compared to [GR]. Its that simple. GRAW isn't as linear as COD, granted - but its not replayable either. Once through the campaign was more than enough and I found myself looking forward to the ending of a lame story that dosn't make any sense. So yeah, but I think GRAW will die because there are no mods or interest in making mods in the community.
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