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  1. All I see here is just another game that also use sepia effects and a urban level setting. If two developers use the same font and colours in their GUIs its kinda hard to make them look different. Engines use whatever font you want them to use I dont see how this is redered on GRIN's engine by looking at pictures. If thats the case I'm sure I can convince you that Arma was made on the Diesel engine too.
  2. Not without combining some of the changes since both mods alter a few common files. I did implement my mod with Brettsies' once (for personal use) but forgot to back it up before a hd-format. It was quite a task and I dont feel like going through it again (weapons, accessories and ammo configs). Sorry.
  3. I'm unable to repro this. Can you be more specific?
  4. Does it happen regardless of what secondary weapon you choose or only when you choose the G36? I dont remember the exact detail around unlocking the Ageia island. I do remember I found the solution while searching this forum. Sorry I cant be any more precise.
  5. Thanks for the help. You created a missing definition for the G36_Compact in briefing.xml and fixed the coords in gui_screen_kit.xml.
  6. I finally found the time to update this mod and make it compatible with GRAW2 v1.05. Download
  7. I just tried your mod and I really like what I see (except a few minor fps hickups every now and then due to the increased drawdistance of the higher LODs). I remember reading you might set the drawdistance down to somewhere between the current and default values which is probably spot on. Can you please let me know how you fixed that? I'm trying to see what you've done but that one is beyond my brain. I'd like to add that fix to my humble realism-mod.
  8. Thanks, but why is it named after you, Rocky, in your download section? Assume its you because when I type A L I S T A I R here it gets converted to Rocky.
  9. You can get your crosshairs back by deleting \local\english\gui\crosshair_scar.xml. OOh crap, I forgot to remove the scope for the M249 again. I know it doesnt work. No scopes work on the M249 unfortunately. I was hoping to get the Eotech to work on the rifles too, but it appear to only work on the MR-C.
  10. I dont like the new plastic weapons from Beretta. C/R/PX-4 and 90-two. I'd much rather they stick to proven weapons that have already seen action and less "sci-fi" when adding new weapons. MK23, UMP45, G36-series, PSG-1, Barret M107, M240B, M249, M416 and G3A3 are my favs in addition to the current weapons.
  11. I sincerely hope GRIN is working on GRAW2. After I removed all of the arcade-elements in the HUD and some weapon corrections I think GRAW is the best in the series. I think GRAW-PC is the best "largescale cqb".
  12. Yeah, Bo is Swedish. That video is just like how I picture the troops of my country to behave
  13. In the GUI folder there are four files called frame_bl, frame_br, frame_tl and frame_tr (bottomleft, topright etc...) Here is what you change: Replace @frame_scale with a 0 (zero) in each of the four files. Why re-invent the wheel? As long as you ask for permission from the author (and he approves) I dont see anything wrong with that. The people who are going to use your mod won't care how you did it, they just see the end-result. I havent looked into moving the chatbox but it looks to be the same as with the crosscom. Try changing the AT-coords at the bottom inside the file called hud_mp_chat. First number should be up/down (higher is down) and the second should be left/right (higher should be right). But it is difficult to place accurately. The screen is like a sphere so moving it too far towards one side will start moving it the other way instead, so move it with small increments at a time to avoid "loosing control". Lets say 150 at a time. Good luck and happy modding (and Smith is right about those sleepless nights)
  14. I have'nt tried this, it might not be the right line but I think it is. crosshair_scar.xml <!--<bitmap name="aim" texture="data\textures\gui\crosshair_std_circle" uv_rect="0 0 @div(31,32) @div(31,32)" size="31 31" color="@highlight_hud_color" alpha="@ch_alpha" />--> Replace @ch_alpha with 0. If that isnt the right line or its not enough just change one opacity-level at a time to 0 untill you get the desired result.
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