Island Thunder C06
Walkthrough By Xian Saint
Published : 16 October 2002
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Liberty Storm
Polling Center, Cienfuegos

Enemy Placement
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1. Rescue Civilians
2. Defend the Voting Center
3. Take Command Post
X. No Friendly Casualties


A Rifleman - Demo
B Rifleman - Support
C Rifleman - Sniper


Threat Assessment:
Estimated Number of Hostiles: 45 (Elite)
Estimated Firepower: AK's, PKM's, Druganov's, RP 46's, Z84's, Pistols, Grenades, Jeeps.

The great thing about these games are there are an infinite amount of possibilities to accomplishing the tasks. Of course some methods are better than others and the following walk-through presents one solution that I used that worked quite well.

This is the worst case scenario. Civilians, Urban Setting, No friendly casualties. An operatives worst nightmare. This was by far one of the more difficult maps I have played. Well, initially it is. If you can survive the first few minutes and figure out the "trick" to this map, it is definitely survivable. If you think all out assault on the enemy, chances are you will likely be mowed down.

I used the following troop configuration to have a well rounded team in an unfamiliar urban setting. Given the objectives, I loaded out a few of the operatives with sensors to keep an eye on the enemy. With the distinct possibility of CQB, I brought a fair amount of M4's given their capability and versatility. Also, a support operative in case the enemy rushed the scene and a sniper to alleviate any opposing snipers. Grenades have limited use, but if employed properly, can be effective. Any variety of troop loadout can work on this map.

Team A - Defend the Voting Center
Rifleman – Silenced M4 SOCOM – Sensors
Demolitions - M4A1 - Grenades

Team B - Defend the Voting Center
Rifleman – Silenced M4 SOCOM – Sensors
Support - M249 - Grenades

Team C - Rescue Civilians
Rifleman – Silenced M4 SOCOM – Grenades
Sniper – SR25 Silenced – Grenades

Your teams start in the center of the map in the polling center. Their job, protect it at all cost so the voters can elect a man to clean up the streets of the thugs that are out after you. The mission briefing is very clear that the polling center is the designated target of the enemy, and it was obvious a lot of hostile forces were going to be present. So, even though it is the second objective, I focused on it first. Then, I went to rescue the civilians (Objective One). Last, I assaulted the Command Post, but by the time I got there it was nothing more than a few hostile soldiers. Piece of cake. The whole time, you're concentrating on the X Objective - No Friendly Casualties. I found this mission extremely difficult. The initial setting can be quite challenging to overcome. Using this plan, it is possible to execute and accomplish all the mission Objectives with no KIA's on Elite.

Team A Rifleman deployed a sensor at each entrance (north and south) in order to keep an eye on things, and it was quite useful. Immediately it was evident that any assault would likely come from the northern entrance. alpha and Bravo Teams took up opposing positions guarding the entrance way. alpha on left, Bravo on the right. Recon - Firing arcs located towards the appropriate entrance, and in the prone position. I didn't want them to fire, unless the enemy moved in first, and after watching the map apparently they weren't going to...yet.

Charlie Team was going to "slip" out the back door and see if they could manoeuvre into a better firing position. They went prone and began crawling out the back door. The sensor indicated at least one hostile contact directly south. However, the further they crawled out, the more obvious it became there were a lot more soldiers in the area. Straight to the east there were a number of soldiers that the sniper quickly began engaging. Both operatives managed to crawl behind a parked car. This alerted the troops to the south, so Charlie Team member lobbed some grenades over the parked car which eliminated a few soldiers. While this fierce gun battle ensued, the sound of a vehicle could be heard, and the map indicated the presence of a hostile vehicle, which later was identified as a Jeep. Another well placed grenade eliminated the vehicle's occupants. With the enemies to the east dispatched, Charlie Team went to the prone position and crawled to the edge of the sidewalk and to the west. Kneeling, they had eyes on two more enemies and quickly eliminated them. A lone gunmen was hiding in the building structure, just east of the jeep's location. A well placed grenade took care of this enemy soldier.

Things were still quiet for alpha and Bravo Team, but the sounds of a high caliber weapon could be heard. Charlie Team moved down the main road to the east, carefully manoeuvring behind the parked cars. At this point, looking to the north, they found the source of the rifle shots. A sniper in the second story of one of the buildings was taking shots at the northern entrance of the polling center. He was dispatched by Charlie Team sniper. This alarmed another enemy soldier that came around the northeastern corner of the polling center, and the sniper eliminated him as well. At this point, the southside of the polling center was relatively clear of all enemy forces. Charlie Team decided to rescue the civilian just to the east of their current position. A single civilian was being held hostage by two enemy soldiers. One was covering the hostage, the other was watching the area. The sniper eliminated both, the one covering the hostage first. At this point, Charlie Team came under heavy attack by some hostile forces that transitioned from the front of the polling center down the main road to the south. Both Charlie Team members went prone and were able to eliminate the assault of enemy soldiers, many of the shots fired under the vehicles. A well placed grenade helped out too. Charlie Team waited a few minutes to ensure the area was clear and then moved out to rescue the civilians to the west. After a short sprint to the objective, it was just a matter of quickly shooting the enemy soldiers holding the hostage. At this point, with hostages in tow, Charlie Team returned to the polling Center through the southern entrance.

The sensor revealed that the northern area was now relatively clear since most of the enemy soldiers headed south down the road east of the polling center. alpha Team Rifleman peered around the door and dispatched one enemy soldier. Bravo manoeuvred out the door and to the left behind the pillar of the building. From this point they could see two enemies to the west, and eliminated them. Charlie Team maintained guard on the polling center and the rescued hostages. Bravo Team proceeded west to assault the Command Post and alpha Team proceeded to the northeast to rescue the remaining hostage.

As alpha Team proceeded, no further enemies were encountered. The hostage was found on the balcony where the sniper had been perched before Charlie Team finished him off. alpha Team proceeded back to the Polling Center with one hostage. At this point, Objective One was complete.

As Bravo headed west and rounded the street corner to proceed north, an enemy Jeep approached. Bravo Team immediately hit the pavement and began firing on the Jeep. A number of enemy soldiers were escorting the Jeep and they returned fire. As the gun battle blazed on, another Jeep with more soldiers arrived. Bravo Team continued firing on the enemy forces and eliminated them all. This was an intense gun battle. Take out the Jeeps as quickly as possible!

Gathering up their weapons and reloading, Bravo Team proceeded to the Command Post, or the remnants of. A walk through the alley, around a couple of corners, and two remaining soldiers were all that was left. Once they were dispatched, Mission Complete. All Objectives satisfied.

Tips and Strategies:

  • This map was the only map where I had the opportunity to get two kills with one shot by my sniper, twice. See if you can find them.
  • This map can be tricky and difficult if you're not careful. Don't try and go out of the polling center via the northern route.
  • If you take a team (with silenced weapons) and run out the southern exit of the polling station, they can get in position before the enemies arrive and take them out easily when they do show up.
  • Anytime hostages are involved, it's important to eliminate the enemy quickly or they will likely execute the hostage. In this case, that's mission failure. Also, be careful with the grenades around the civilians.
  • Be cautious of the Jeeps. You may encounter them in various different places.
  • Lots of opportunities for cover - cars, buildings, pillars, columns. Use it.