Island Thunder C07
Walkthrough By Xian Saint
Published : 16 October 2002
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Ocean Forge
Beach Resort, Northwest Cuba, Near Dimas

Enemy Placement
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1. Disable Vehicle Column
2. Clear Beach
3. Seize Control of AGS
X. Seize Material on Jetties


A Rifleman - Sniper
B Support - Demo
C Rifleman - Sniper


Threat Assessment:
Estimated Number of Hostiles: 50
Estimated Firepower: AK's, Russian 7.62 DP's, RP 46's, Z-84's.

The great thing about these games is there are an infinite amount of possibilities to accomplishing the tasks. Of course some methods are better than others and the following walk-through presents one solution that I used that worked quite well.

First, I used the Troop Configuration listed above because of the versatility and suitability in the wide open areas with the assault by a large number of troops. I found it necessary to have multiple snipers on this level and also the need to protect the snipers with some firepower given the fact that many of the hostile troops will storm the beach that your troops originally occupy. Also, the first objective needs to be fulfilled within a certain amount of time or the vehicles will leave and the objective will be a failure.

Approximate number of soldiers encountered in this area: 5-10
After a smooth and quiet helo insert, the teams started in the southwest quadrant of the map. With time being an issue, alpha and Charlie Teams immediately began heading towards the north following the western mountain ridge. Bravo Team headed to the east, went down the beachfront stairs and went into a hold/prone position with a recon "firing mode" and an arc of coverage to the east. Bravo Team easily had eye contact with Objective 3 and a number of enemy soldiers, but held their recon position fearing an assault this early would alert the vehicle column to move out. Once alpha and Charlie neared the center of the beach, they engaged roughly 4 enemy soldiers. Then alpha and Charlie Snipers were able to drop a few more enemy soldiers near the beach house. With the area clear, both teams moved to the large rock near the western mountain ridge for cover. Again, the snipers were provided the opportunity to dispatch a few more enemy soldiers.

Objective One - Disable Vehicle Column
Approximate number of soldiers encountered in this area: 10-15
From behind the boulder, alpha and Charlie Team surveyed the vehicle column and the beach house. An occasional enemy soldier would investigate the area, however the snipers would quickly eliminate them. After a few minutes and after evaluating the area clear, alpha Team moved to the beach house and Charlie Team positioned on the west side of the small buildings. Charlie Team went to a prone position with an assault firing arc covering the northern region including the vehicle column and managed to dispatch a few enemy soldiers. alpha Team cleared the Beach House of its two occupants using grenades and then proceeded to the vehicle column. After a fierce battle with some of the enemy soldiers that exited their vehicles, the "Vehicle Column" was stopped in their tracks and the first objective was complete.

Objective Two - Clear Beach
Approximate number of soldiers encountered in this area: 10-15
With the first objective out of the way, the beach was crawling with enemy soldiers and an assault would result in certain death. With the enemy quickly approaching, alpha Team first attempted to proceed to the down the stairs on the northern side of the map, but with all the activity, retreated back to a position facing south covering the stairs and beach house, while Charlie Team took up a position covering the central set of stairs and beach house, facing north. A large amount of enemy soldiers rushed the stairs and beach house but were easily eliminated by alpha and Charlie Teams. The two teams chose to wait until clearly no more enemies were approaching. Only then did alpha Team manoeuvre down the stairs and onto the lower area of the beach. Bravo Team was still covering the AGS and soldiers to the south, and Charlie Team maintained their position covering the stairs and beach house. alpha Team mopped up a couple of stragglers and then proceeded to the northern jetty. A brief gun battle with approximately five enemy soldiers occurred. Once eliminated, Objective Two was accomplished and then alpha Team was able to partially complete Objective Four by seizing the material on the northern jetty.

Objective Three - Seize Control of AGS
Approximate number of soldiers encountered in this area: 3-5
With a majority of enemy soldiers eliminated, Bravo Team took aim on the AGS operator and his side kick and quickly eliminated them. Not hesitating for a second, Bravo Team opened up on the soldiers who appeared to be in formation, making it extremely easy to dispatch them. Another enemy soldier to the north alerted to the gunfire begin advancing on Bravo Team only to be eliminated by one of Bravo Team. At this point, all enemies were eliminated, satisfying the requirements of Objectives Three and Four. The mission concluded with no injuries or KIA's.

Objective Four - Seize Material on Jetties
Approximate number of soldiers encountered in this area: 5-10
With alpha Team already securing the northern jetty and Bravo Team eliminating the final enemy soldier, this objective was automatically completed. The jetties are clearly visible on the map, should follow on teams need to fulfills this requirement.

Tips and Strategies
This map is very deceptive. At first it appears easy, and it's difficult. Then it appears difficult and it's easy. Remember that.

  • Snipers can neutralize the threat before it gets to you, but when the enemy rushes you, snipers can't shoot quick enough. Consider using Snipers with other classes to complement each other.
  • Bring grenades or weapons equipped with a grenade launcher. OICW works quite well on this map.
  • The beach front stairs make good choke points. Cover those areas when the enemy is assaulting and it becomes rather easy to eliminate them.
  • Don't wait to long to take out the vehicle column or it will be a mission failure.
  • If you take out the AGS too soon, the enemy will attack you in force and you may find yourself in a disadvantageous position.
  • Stay low. Go slow.