Island Thunder C01
Walkthrough By Xian Saint
Published : 16 October 2002
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Watchful Yeoman
Punta Tabacal Plantation

Enemy Placement

1. Seize Plantation Grounds
2. Secure First Package
3. Secure Second Package
X. No Team Casualties


A Rifleman, Demo
B Rifleman,Support
C Sniper, Sniper


Threat Assessment:
Estimated Number of Hostiles: 48
Firepower: Z84's, AK's, Russian 7.62 DP's, SVD's and grenades.

The great thing about these games is there are an infinite amount of possibilities to accomplishing the tasks. Of course some methods are better than others and the following walk-through presents one solution that I used that worked quite well.

First, I used the Troop Configuration listed above because of the versatility and suitability in the jungle environment. Given the layout of the map and the objectives, it was quite possible to execute the mission effectively and efficiently using the following technique.

Approximate number of soldiers encountered in this area: 5-10
After a helo insert in the middle of a hot LZ, the team started at the northeastern part of the map. An unsuspecting hostile soldier will quickly be eliminated, possibly alerting other enemies located to the west of their presence. The ghosts need to get down and low quickly. I positioned
Charlie Team to the west in a hold/prone position with suppress arc of fire directly to the west to cover the hill. While positioned there, the two snipers eliminated a number of hostile soldiers as they came over the hill. Bravo Team manoeuvred to the south a short distance and went into a hold/prone position with a suppress arc of fire directly to the south. Alpha Team manoeuvred to the north and carefully approached the hill. Once the troops were in this position it was time to begin focusing on the mission objectives.


Objective One - Seize Plantation Grounds
Approximate number of soldiers encountered in this area: 10-15
Once Alpha Team reached the hill, and just before the ghosts went over the crest, Alpha team went to a prone position. Crawling to the top of the hill gave a pretty good view of the compound area below and the outskirts of the first objective. One of the structures appears to be a house with a tree that has been knocked over and leaning against it. The door was open, and realizing the risk, Alpha Team - Rifleman using M203 fired one grenade into the house, dispatching the two occupants. Three hostile soldiers from the south alerted to the commotion began approaching. These three soldiers were quickly dispatched by Alpha Team.

Once the area was relatively clear, Charlie Team proceeded up the hill and continued due west from their starting position. Three hostile soldiers were sighted and dispatched in quick succession. Bravo Team moved slowly and silently to the south, and eliminated one hostile soldier. Sensing the possibility of a well equipped and entrenched enemy, Bravo Team went prone with a suppress fire arc covering the southwest, and held their position.

Alpha Team proceeded west to the structure located in the northwestern region of the fenced yard. This structure appeared to be a barn or stables, and was open. Peering around the corner, Alpha Team member eliminated one enemy soldier. Three others emerged from the stalls and they too were quickly dispatched. With all the hostile soldiers eliminated from the Plantation Grounds, Objective One was completed. At this time, Bravo Team was still holding in their previous position. Alpha Team and Charlie Team were positioned in the Plantation Area and began proceeding to the Second Objective.

Objective Two - Secure First Package
Approximate number of soldiers encountered in this area: 8-10
There are what appears to be two grain silos just north of the lake. Charlie Team took up position behind one of the silos in the prone/recon position. A patrol of 5 hostile soldiers was headed west, just south of the pond. Alpha Team took up a prone/assault position to the north of the building that houses the First Package with an arc of fire directed at the doorway of this building. When Charlie Team had a clear shot at all 5 hostiles, they were given the assault command. They easily dispatched the 5 soldiers, but did draw some return fire. Alpha Team eliminated two hostile soldiers that emerged from the doorway to investigate the commotion. Charlie Team held their position and Alpha Team progressed towards the building and subsequently eliminated the two remaining soldiers inside. With the area clear, Charlie Team manoeuvred into the building and Alpha Team accomplished Objective Two by securing the first package, the crate that appeared to have a tarp draped over it.


Objective Three - Secure Second Package
Approximate number of soldiers encountered in this area: 12-14
With the pressure on and the end of the mission near, the hostile soldiers knew they were in trouble. Bravo Team started drawing fire from two soldiers to the south, so they manoeuvred due west to the large boulder and then proceeded crawling to the southeast until they could see the two attackers. The enemy soldiers were finally neutralized after a fierce gun battle. Bravo Team proceeded to the southeast and took up position next to the run down shack. This point was atop a hill and provided an excellent position to engage the enemy below.

Alpha Team doubled back around the pond to the west until they hit the road. Then they proceeded south. When they neared the turn to the east, two hostile soldiers came running up the hill towards them. One lobbed a grenade and the other engaged with machine gun fire. Alpha Team narrowly escaped the grenade blast and managed to take out the two soldiers. They proceeded to the edge of the road and detected movement in the shack below.

Charlie Team, after getting the all clear from Alpha Team, departed the hangar where the first package was secured, crossed the road and engaged the enemy forces that Alpha Team had detected. Alpha Team engaged a few of the soldiers that attempted to run. Due to the position and firepower, the enemy was unable to return fire.

Alpha and Charlie slowly moved to the east to secure the final objective.

With Bravo Team towards the north covering the south, Charlie moved in from the west and Alpha Team moved in position to secure the final objective. At this point, the enemy was surrounded and offered little resistance. All hostile forces eliminated and Objective Three was accomplished.

X - No Team Casualties
This goes without saying. A mission (especially the first) is a failure if you don't bring all your boys home. Wounded is one thing, but don't settle for the loss of a single man.

Tips and Strategies

  • This walk-through was played on elite. If you play either of the other two difficulty levels, you can expect less enemy encounters.
  • There are a few snipers strategically placed on the map. Use your binoculars to scan any area you are about to travel to, and stay low. The snipers won't miss if they get a shot.
  • Look at the Enemy Placement image to obtain an estimate of where you can expect to encounter bad guys. The exact position, movement and encounter with the enemy forces depends on many variables, so it may vary slightly. Don't panic, Improvise.
  • Move cautiously. Don't stand up unless you are certain an area is clear. At a minimum, kneel when traversing to different areas. When in a holding pattern, go to the prone position.
  • Use the environment, the enemy does. Given the vegetation and the terrain, there are a few areas where you can have a height advantage/disadvantage. Select your position carefully. Many of the enemy are well hidden and waiting to get a bead on you - look just to the left of the reticule in this image.
  • If you're new to Ghost Recon, and you're getting discouraged...use the quicksave and quickload. If you're a pro...try it with no saves, no threat indicator and complete ALL the objectives.