Island Thunder C08
Walkthrough By Xian Saint
Published : 16 October 2002
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Righteous Archer
Mountain Stronghold, Sierra de los Organos

Enemy Placement
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1. Capture and Secure Priego


A Rifleman - Rifleman
B Demo - Rifleman
C Sniper - Sniper


Threat Assessment:
Estimated Number of Hostiles: 55
Estimated Firepower: AK's, PKM's, Druganov's, RP 46's, Z84's, Pistols, Grenades, Machine Gun Nests, Tank. Basically, expect anything.

The great thing about these games are there are an infinite amount of possibilities to accomplishing the tasks. Of course some methods are better than others and the following walk-through presents one solution that I used that worked quite well.

Here it is. The final level. You might expect the final level to offer a certain degree of difficulty, and it does. But it’s also one of the easier levels to accomplish. It requires patience and careful observation. The adverse weather conditions need to be respected because it will either help or harm you. With only one mission objective, you wont be subjected to the pressures of completing various tasks, though there is some business that needs to be taken care of. Priego is entrenched in a run down but heavily fortified building. The area is protected at each “corner” by a guard tower. There are numerous patrolling guards. Intel warns of a helicopter that may be used for an escape, so it’s important to deal with it. I chose to destroy it, which provided quite the explosion. Intel fails to mention the presence of a Russian Tank in the compound, so pack accordingly (they do warn you to take an M136).

I used the following troop configuration because I felt it was necessary to carry snipers to engage the enemy from long range but also important to carry some heavy firepower to deal with the entrenched troops and the enemy armor. Grenades or grenade launching weapons also offer some advantages. I also thought it was important to have a recon team equipped with some silenced weapons to survey the area without alerting other enemy forces when they needed to dispatch any enemy forces they encountered.

A – Recon Team
Rifleman – Silenced M4 SOCOM – Grenades
Rifleman – Silenced M4 SOCOM – Sensors

B – Assault Team
Demo – M4A1 – M136
Rifleman – OICW – OICW Grenade Launcher

C – Sniper Team
Sniper – SR25 Silenced – Grenades
Sniper – SR25 Silenced – Grenades

After a quick helo insert in the mountainous region, the troops were faced with one mission objective, but two goals. The first goal was to sweep and clear the external area. The area surrounding Priego’s compound needs to be rid of any hostiles to prevent getting attacked from behind when the Compound is assaulted. Also, the helicopter needs to be destroyed to prevent Priego’s escape. After the external goal is complete the teams will proceed with focusing on the internal goal of the compound and ultimately, the mission objective.

alpha Team (Recon) hit the dirt running and proceeded to the south / southeast hugging the side of the mountain until they were headed almost due east. Through the fog and rain, the silhouette of a machine gun nest could be seen. Using a single shot, this enemy soldier was quickly dispatched. Just to the south of their position where the paved road makes a hair pin turn, two enemy soldiers were caught off guard and were taken out by alpha Team. With the area clear, alpha Team proceed up the hill to the east where one of the guard towers was located. Going prone, and crawling into an optimal firing position, the soldiers around the guard tower were quickly eliminated, resulting in the first guard tower being cleared. alpha Team proceeded southeast down the hill and back to the west a short distance to check the area clear.

Charlie Team (Sniper) headed due west from the start, and kept their backs along the wall of the mountain. They only had to go a short distance before the guard tower could be seen off in the distance. The snipers easily picked off the unsuspecting soldiers from a safe distance. Heading south, they encountered another lone enemy soldier and eliminated him too.

Bravo Team (Support) held their position awaiting alpha and Charlie Teams to complete the sweep of the area.

alpha Team continued south stealthily and found two patrolling soldiers heading away from them. alpha Team was able to get to a relatively close distance and dispose of them. Afterwards, they continued south to the narrow passage between the rocks, exposing the helipad and a guard tower. One member of alpha Team crawled up under a large rock that afforded some protection. The other soldier had a clear shot at one of the enemies standing near the helipad. After taking the shot, alpha Team focused on eliminating the soldiers around the guard tower. A fierce gun battle ensued, but with the superior skill and positional advantage, alpha Team managed to defeat the enemy soldiers. While checking the area clear, another enemy soldier was located on the helipad, and was eliminated. With the area finally clear, alpha Team used a grenade to destroy the helicopter, preventing Priego the opportunity to use it to escape. With the helicopter destroyed, alpha Team proceeded west, encountered another couple of wandering guards, and easily eliminated them.

Bravo Team followed the paved area around and then continued south. As they reached the end of the large rock outcropping, they encountered a couple of troops and eliminated them. They proceeded to the eastern wall of the fort and held their position, watching north and south.

Charlie Team headed east a short distance until the western side of the fort was visible. Going prone and crawling to the top of the hill, a lone soldier manning the machine gun nest was eliminated. Noticing movement to the southwest, two more soldiers were observed and easily eliminated. Crawling further towards the fort, two soldiers were spotted in a crater just south of the fort, and subsequently dealt with by the sniper team. Charlie Team proceeded towards the southwestern guard tower and engaged and eliminated the enemy from a safe distance. They proceeded north along the western mountain ridge, and found two guards headed away from them. They were easily eliminated.

With the external area clear, Charlie Team proceed to the south wall of the fort. They eliminated the hostile forces in the lower right corner of the fort, and then took up a prone position covering the southern entrance of the fort.

At this point, Bravo was positioned on the eastern wall, Charlie was positioned on the southern wall and alpha Team positioned themselves on the lower left corner of the fort. The external goal was completed and now was time to focus on the internal goal, and final objective. This is where things get challenging.

Objective One - Capture and Secure Priego

The fort is run down and in shambles, but heavily fortified. The fort is laid out so the upper third of it has a wall that runs almost the entire length. Just short of the eastern side, there is a gap that allows access to the southern portion of the fort. Going in this way is very dangerous, and not recommended. All the machine gun nests and snipers located on the corners of the forts are easily eliminated, and once this has been done, it was time for the teams to mount their assault on the fort.

Bravo Team mounted their attack first. Rounding the northern eastern corner of the fort, Bravo Team hugged the wall and approached the northern entrance. A lone guard was out front amongst the rubble and was taken down quickly. Bravo Team Member with OICW fired some grenades at the entrance which eliminated a few guards. A few brave enemy soldiers emerged from the fort and were easily mowed down by Bravo Team. When the area appeared cleared, Bravo Team Demo Soldier retrieved his M136 and positioned himself on the northwestern corner of the fort. He was able to position himself to get a clear and protected shot off at the tank, which he did. Enemy Armor destroyed. With the tank destroyed, Bravo Team Rifleman using OICW cleared some potential enemy hiding places. (Use extreme caution, as some of the buildings are rigged to blow up.) Bravo Team then went prone along the dividing wall and under the cover of some of the steel beams and debris. As enemies came through the gap in the wall, Bravo Team, while maintaining good cover, had clear shots at eliminating them.

While the enemy was distracted, alpha Team moved in. First they cleared the area by throwing in some grenades which took down some unsuspecting enemies. Once in the confines of the fort, they moved to the western wall of the building located in the center (just south of being center) of the fort. Peering around the north (front) of the building, some soldiers were spotted. A well placed grenade took care of some. Others came out to try and assault alpha Team. Once again, alpha Team encountered a fierce gun battle, but was able to eliminate the soldiers. Sensing the danger of the front, alpha Team regrouped and proceeded east along the rear of the main headquarters. They cleared this area and then moved to the barracks near the eastern wall, and cleared it of its two occupants.

At this point, Bravo hadn't encountered any more attacks, and positioned themselves to the north of the fort to cover in case any reinforcements from outside approached or to eliminate any chance of Priego escaping this way. Charlie Team covered the southern exit of the fort and maintained their position.

alpha Team knew the general location of Priego was in the central building, and returned to the southern wall of this building, which had a door. The door was opened revealing a hallway. A couple of grenades were thrown in to ensure the area was clear. The area was checked clear, and the house was inspected. There was one room that hadn't been inspected. alpha Team took position to open the door, but to be clear from any return fire. The door was opened, and an enemy soldier was spotted covering the door.

He was quickly eliminated. alpha Team Rifleman leaned around the corner and could barely discern two figures, one kneeling and one standing. Standing himself, alpha Team Rifleman leaned and fired a single shot killing the soldier. The kneeling man was Priego, and realizing his defeat, dropped his gun and raised his hands. Mission Accomplished. Lets go home fellas.

Tips and Strategies:

  • As in all other levels. Move slow, keep your head down and scan the area you are about to occupy. When leaving a team in a stationary position, make them go prone, with their backs protected and give them an area to cover.
  • The most difficult part of this mission is the assault on the compound. This is where heavy weapons and grenades can come into play. Work smarter, not harder. You don't have to go in Rambo style when you can just as easily clear an area with some grenades.
  • Whenever you engage an enemy, maintain your position at least for a few moments to ensure there are no reinforcements are coming.
  • If you're a novice, use the Threat Indicator and Quicksave. If you're wanting more of a challenge, don't. For an even bigger challenge, bring all your boys home alive.
  • The outer areas almost seemed to easy, especially for the final mission. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security. The compound is the challenge, and it can be quite difficult. Don't linger in an area to long or you might find yourself taking heavy fire.
  • The weather can really hamper your sight. Move forward in small paces and then rescan the area. It's amazing that one place you can't see anything and one step further you can.
  • You would expect a guard tower to have snipers and heavy machine guns. They do.