Island Thunder C02
Walkthrough By Whiteknight
Published : 16 October 2002
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Angel Rage


1. Neutralize 1st Guard Tower
2. Neutralize 2nd Guard Tower
3. Seize Control of Camp
x. No Team Casualties

Playing as a sniper on this map is a bit harder due to the rain, but doable nevertheless. I prefer to complete the extra objective first, but in this case it's a given to have your team survive intact to get the specialist for this mission.

Taking out the 1st guard tower is a matter of setting up your ambush and sniping the sniper first. There are also 2 more men at the base of the tower, one of which will be manning a machine gun. Creep along carefully to where you can see them and take them out. One will be on the far side of the tower; sneaking up to where he can be seen can be tension filled.

From the ambush you can send your men up the west side and to hold the south side of the camp while you move to the east side to take out the second guard tower. En route you will encounter a jeep along with several patrols. Cover can be sparse on this map so choose your route carefully.

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Once you have taken care of the second guard tower, continue to the camp where your other teams are keeping an eye on it, and take out the sentry at the gate on the north side. You can then move your CQB team in - to go building to building. There are most likely a pair of guards at the south gate, so have one team try coming in that gate. Have your other team from the north come in and cover the gate as the south team enters.

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Care is required as you clear the buildings as some of the Cubans like to hide behind the doors.