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Ghost Recon Equipment ID Help


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I'm not exactly new here ( I found this forum years ago then lost it after losing internet for a time). But I need the "experts help" in building up my airsoft/combat gear. Feel free to correct me if this isn't the proper place for this.
I am trying to ID all the equipment the Ghosts use in the Original Ghost Recon. Some was obvious, some, not so obvious. Main help I need is figuring out what leg rigs, holsters, pouches and plate carriers/ballistic vests they would have used during the time period. I've done research for the real world time period and couldn't really find anything solid in regards to gear worn.

Any help is deeply appreciated.

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I know the plate carrier the general ghosts used was an OTV/Interceptor vest. and over the top for riflement was a 2nd Generation Tactical Load Bearing Vest (TLBV) you could probably still buy some surplus. I believe their helmet was a PASGT M88 (pretty cheap repros for airsoft too) however I may be confusing that with some specialists, I'll have to check, it's either a PASGT or a MICH. either way, they had an M81 cover. 

Supports carried a CAMELBAK hydration bladder, if you can get a standard issue surplus one then you're laughing, as they're pretty much the ones in the original game. 

The pistol holster, the closest I found was an EXO drop leg holster, or maybe an AMA holster, but pretty much any drop leg holster will do, it won't look too inaccurate. 

uniform was standard issue battle dress uniform, in M81 woodland and 3 colour desert camo. 

for boots, you want to be looking in the vicinity of Bates Jungle boots, perhaps Magnum Classics if you think they're closer. 


Gloves are sage green nomex flight gloves, in the desert they're desert tan. 

Any help?

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Here is what I could find on one of the Polish airsoft forums (someone asked a similar question to yours a few years ago). Remember, this is my translation of someone else's quote and not my research, so it might not be 100% accurate in terms of described equipment. The gear is supposed to be the original Ghost Recon Demo Expert's gear:

"Pouches, vest and bags look like the ones from the RACK (Ranger Assault Carry Kit) system. In addition to that he wears something like an older version of IBA (Interceptor Body Armor). The uniform is BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) in M81 Woodland. Two green canteens seem to be the ones from ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) system. Handgun holster is called Blackhawk Special Operations Holster. The boots have different names, but you can find them under the name Combat Vulcanized or something similar. The helmet is called PASGT (Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops) "Fritz". Googles look like Bolle X800."

That is all I could find, I hope it helps.

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