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  1. Alright, so first off if you don't know what I mean by Pepe Silvia rant, I refer you to the below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nTpsv9PNqo And yes, I'm still not over this... Okay for some context as some newbies to the GR franchise might not have heard of Ol' Jenny Intro Jennifer Burke was a main char in GR2 and GR2:SS - to my knowledge she was one of the more 'liked' characters and was certainly talked about a lot by the devs in old marketing material - and everyone who has known me long enough certainly knows where I stand. Back in those two games she
  2. Yessir! I burned out pretty hard and never really recovered, I work in information security now! I still do 3D art, but as a hobby.πŸ˜„
  3. I mean, MACV SOG was more a foundation for modern special ops as a whole. But not the point :') Also yes, for like, 5 minutes, it was one of the last things I did before dropping game dev.
  4. (actually the Ghosts were formed in 1994 after the battle of Mogadishu but obligatory 'hey I worked on that!!')
  5. first iteration is with @Jack Wachter just to make sure I've not missed any textures etc First release is quite simple, it's just male and female RAV variants with blank textures.
  6. Male (RAV) complete compatible Items array also tinkered with adding some short beards to the dudes, I think it makes them look slightly more battleworn
  7. Work begins on adding some of the GR1 Hero characters to the GR2 model set. Here's a look at Cohen, who started out as Burke's head mesh and texture, but with a couple of geometry and texture tweaks using her old texture for reference, she started to look like our old Massapequan friend. Quick note, kits are by no means final! A render of the differences between the two, Burke on the left, Cohen on the right.
  8. Hi all! Separating this off from GR2 DVDExtras for brevity. Been working on a model converter as you're all likely aware because I don't shut up about it in that thread. The GR2 models are almost ready for general release as modder resources for any would-be peeps wanting to rejeuvenate the game. There's also a few little extras and a few model tweaks by myself at the suggestion of @Jack Wachter some preview renders: Modified MICH2000 to MICH2001 with IR strobe and counterweight pouch. TO DO: - Create universal texture templates
  9. It's a virtual machine, so it's an emulator of sorts essentially. Its a platform that allows you to virtualise a fully functional machine from within your main operating system. It's really good but has some slight limitations. Running PSCS2 in virtualbox alongside the other GR modding tools makes simpler to move stuff around in my experience, it's also better to run it on WinXP honestly
  10. ghost recon should never require admin priveliges, how did you install it?
  11. I'm sorry to hear this news, but the gamerecon crew have done a service to the community over the years, I wish you all well in your endeavors, whatever they may be
  12. All the team (except one) rendered out. I'm planning on setting them up with their compatible items, like so: So peeps can make their own loadouts, Burke and Mitchell will likely be the most versatile as they share a lot of the same UV's for their pouches. Not sure on Salvatore & Brown and Foster & Ramirez yet, looks like their pouch set could be cross compatible too. Diaz, Kim and Parker are likely going to be the least compatible.
  13. It's almost ready! just got to sort out a small niggle with the object 2 faces not playing nice!
  14. So bit of a bump in the road. It's possible that the faces in the model files are triangle-stripped. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Triangle_strip So trying to figure out an algorithm that will calculate the correct face indices. In other, possibly slightly more exciting news than Zee tearing her hair out over a sequence of barely coherent numbers: I'll be willing to wager, if I can get the tools working and figure out how to get a compatibility layer working for the .xbe file, that a fully moddable PC version of Ghost Recon 2 is possible by porting the Xbox version.
  15. also delete the videos in Data\Video
  16. where is he installing from?
  17. Lol! Trust me I'm more mad after staring at incoherent strings of numbers for 4 months straight. I'm attempting to write a file format converter that will allow GR2 models to be ported to GR1. In terms of the substance output? Pretty good!! I think...
  18. Thanks Ajitesh! I'm passively working on it, working on an even bigger game changer at the moment. Please see my incoherent rantings about the numbers over here: https://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?/topic/62365-ghost-recon-2-summit-strike-dvdextras/&tab=comments#comment-621109
  19. Ayyyy these look like sensible vertex positions!
  20. Hey ajitesh! It is indeedy! I'll keep this here just in case the DL section needs to be taken down once more to manage something along the way. Thanks all!
  21. InfoSecBeard here; Generally malware doesn't do physical damage to a machine, if you get malware legitimately, normally wiping the drive and reinstalling the OS is good enough, so you wouldn't have to pay for any repairs. Remember to keep regular backups!
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