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  1. sorry for the bad grammar, but here is a quick translation : 'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter has done the best first sale week ever made by the company, and is announced as a major commercial succes. GRAW demonstrates that our studios are able to use the power of the next gen consoles to their maximum' has declared Yves Guillemot, big boss of Ubisoft.
  2. the list of weapons is right, maybe game designers and level designers did not give direct access to all weapon during the campaign, at least in a first time.
  3. Hi, thanks for your report, great review, definitively the best I've read If you want to remove or put back the diamonds in SP, you can do it : just push the X button for few seconds, a menu will appear, select the diamond. it will remove all the hud helper like diamond and arrows.
  4. just a small rectification: Yeti engine is only used for the next gen versions, not on old gen like Xbox. It's a full next gen engine (so should be used for a mono processor platform).
  5. easy : you push the X button (where you can find the google night vision), push it a few second to make appear the mini menu, and select diamonds, that's all
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