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  1. i get it now 360 version is the daddy and xbox is a steaming pile of donkey ######.... thanks guys for clearing it up for me.... [i still think they are jerks for doing this] guess i MUST read chatter and reviews before buying ANY game....even an established series.
  2. "this is not the GR series" ...respectfully, did you read the box bro, fooled me, the whole "ghost recon advance warfighter" thing.... ghost recon is dead aparently... thanks for not flakeing SOCOM.... ghost recon is just a socom copy anyway, with worse AI.
  3. i noticed that the older GR series is more like rainbow6 , but i thought that after 2011 and summit strike why do they go back to the old format... i hated island thunder and GR1, they sucked imo, and i loved the latter 2 versions...one expects tweeking a sequal not a complete startover... i wont bother to buy another clancy game without renting it first, its obvious they are a bunch of unpredictable flakes.... in automotive terms: thats like pre-ordering the new GTI and getting a damn spiffed up rabbit... jerks!
  4. but it is a rainbow 6 CLONE right, not a sequal to summit strike? ...i would have bought a 360 for a monster version of ghost recon. i am certain its an awesome game....but its not ghost recon at all, in any way.
  5. IMO It could have been called Ghost re"CON" after i was expecting a fat version of summit strike but got rainbow "7" instead! sure the 360 version is great....the xbox version sucks!
  6. #1...zero stealth ambush abilities...enimies see you through foliage and through cover! #2...if you call in aristrike or throw a grenage every opponant in the area know exactly where you are even if your prone behind a rock in tall grass.... #3...kamakazi style attacking of almost every enemy soldier #4...your men actually DONT follow commands, like regrouping when told to flank and hold! if the game had brothers in arms style AI [bad guys actually fear your fire and take cover every time] and team placement like rainbow 6/brothers in arms the series would have been the best game ever released imo...
  7. so i havent been given the wrong disc... i was actually thinking that the dics got switched in some programming accident for a moment.... i dont bother to tune into chatter when i am convinced that a series would not be changed so much.... has this ever been done before?? ?? so is the 360 version a rainbow 6 clone to, do i have to consider summit strike the end of the real ghost recon series??? ...dissapointment of the year in gameing imo. i was expecting better AI and more stages....but i got rainbow "7" instead
  8. i loved the series, and rushed out and picked up GRAW and was blown away by the COMPLETE and TOTAL game swap, This game is rainbow 6 NOT the ghost recon series.... no more 3rd person no more prone no more gun camera no more lone wolf!!!!! i wish i could get my $ back on principle alone!!!! ...next to silly AI sometimes the series was my favorite game of all times.... Who the hell does this to comsumers, what other series has done this! ...its even choppy on the xbox....!!!! LAME!
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