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  1. These days I reserve replying only to posts that I feel passionate about and this is a topic that I have given much consideration to, especially lately with all the school shootings. First off, without turning this into a moral and/or religous debate (which are not allowed for obvious reasons) I think a lot of how a person replies to a dangerous and potentially deadly situation is based on their own philosophy on life and their own morals/ethics. There is clearly a divide between those who would fight for their saftey and the safety of others and those who would turn a cheek and/or do nothi
  2. Xian Saint


    Many may wonder why we continue to discuss this thread...and many probably wonder why Calius (and a few others) believe what they do...for most of us our mind is made up...but...BUT... A recent poll showed that like 36 percent of Americans believe the government was involved with or at least knew and didn't stop the attacks of 9/11. 36 Percent. ZOINKS! I don't claim to understand how or why...and really IMHO it's kind of sad that so many people think that...but next time you start criticizing Calius for being a little paranoid...there are many others that believe it too. Personally,
  3. Xian Saint


    Fair enough...and I believe it was a "genuine response" - we've been debating this far too long...I know you weren't being sarcastic or flippant. What do I think of OBL and his role in 9/11...? I would agree with the President that he is an Islamic Fascist (one who supports oppressive, dictatorial control)...As far as his role in 9/11, I don't think he was the "mastermind" but I do think he was actively involved in and had knowledge of the events, planning and preparation leading up to the execution of the events of 9/11, as well as a number of other terrorists attacks. He is a serious t
  4. Xian Saint


    @Calius, Who is Osama Bin Laden and what was his role in 9/11?
  5. I don't play AA - but for those that do...I read in the Navy Times they're releasing AA: SF Overwatch 24 hours prior to the worldwide release...(yeah right). Anyways...I checked the links and looks like you can download the parts (total weighs in just over 2 gig) now. http://www.navytimes.com/content/static/games/gameguide.htm
  6. HAH...I knew you wouldn't "live with it"...heh heh... I'm no Super Bob (where is he when you need him)...but this is what I think... The Master Boot Record (MBR) is created when the disk is partitioned. The MBR contains a small amount of executable code called the master boot code, the disk signature, and the partition table for the disk. At the end of the MBR is a 2-byte structure called a signature word or end of sector marker, which is always set to 0x55AA. A signature word also marks the end of an extended boot record (EBR) and the boot sector. When you start a computer from the h
  7. Hey bro... Not sure of your setup as far as number of drives and such and how you plan to boot...but I don't know if ignoring it is the right answer...let me explain why...or at least why I didn't like this answer... I dual boot two drives...both with XP...one is a junk drive and the other is setup for optimum performance...(i.e. the latest drivers and only the games I play often). That way, I can install demos and freeware on my junk drive and not fragment the drive and/or clutter the registry of my game drive. Well, I had a similar problem to yours...I would boot to my junk drive F:
  8. Xian Saint


    My own theory is that most of the conspiracy theorists (except for the real nut jobs) don't even believe what they are saying but are otherwise inspired by fame and fortune to publish this nonsense because the media will jump all over it, every time. Although I wasn't alive during the timeframe (and I'm fairly seasoned...heh heh), I've read and studied an era where the media was about reporting the truth...they had integrity and weren't out for their own fame or blindly supporting their political party. Nowadays I don't think it is that way...it's more about who can get the story with the m
  9. Xian Saint


    @Calius specifically - but for all to ponder, Curious about your thoughts on how the media and all of their biases are involved with the corruption of the world...is the media in the pocket of those truly in power...? The reason I ask is when Fahrenheit 9/11 came out...there was minor discord over the movie which has proven to have verifiable flaws and inaccurate data, yet the movie was still praised by many. Now, there is a new series called Path to 9/11 which spotlights the blunders made by the administrations of Clinton (8 years) and Bush (8 months) leading up to 9/11. From what I'
  10. Xian Saint


    @dickie - actually...the conversation started out as the U.S. government and Israel were the masterminds behind 9/11 and it has somehow migrated into a discussion about a broad spectrum of other conspiracy theories and topics...WMDs in Iraq being the latest... @all - Interesting news today...video showing OBL with some of the 9/11 hijackers just prior to 9/11. I guess as we near the anniversay of 9/11 2001...the CIA has to throw the conspiracy theorists a bone for them to pick apart and criticize...
  11. Xian Saint


    @Calius - hey bro...I wanted to clarify...my post may have seemed a tad harsh and a bit of a poke in the eye...that truly wasn't my intention...I opened with what I meant as a bit o' humor...the whole stress thing and then turning around and saying we're all naive. That was all to "lighten the mood". Regret if that is not the way it was taken... When I say I like you...I truly mean that...you're a very interesting person and although I don't agree with most of what you say...I still very much enjoy debating it with you because of your spot on netiquette. Anyway...the real point of view I
  12. Xian Saint


    @calius - I like you...I really do...you stick to your guns in the thick of it and never waiver from your point of view - even when it seems like everyone else is against you. But I gotta wonder...are you at all concerned about your health. Your stress level and blood pressure have to be off the charts. I mean, you're "looking here looking there, looking behind you, trusting nothing and no one". Somebody's gonna walk up behind you and go "Boo!" and you're gonna jump out of your skin. Surely you're not as paranoid as your posts make it sound. (I know, I know...you're thinking "surely eve
  13. Xian Saint


    @jchung - we obviously have different opinions of conspiracy - conspiracy theory but overall I think we share the same overall perspective on the fundamental question so who cares about the rest, right...heh heh. Amen! I think we are all waiting for this...the only reason I keep coming back...LOL.
  14. Xian Saint


    @jchung - Well then, I guess it comes down to a matter of definition. You choose to use the word conspiracy...and I choose to use conspiracy theory...each has a totally different meaning that supports our different point of views. I personally think this sparring of the small details has gotten us sidetracked from the fundamental question of this whole thread, so I'll ask the question...give you my response and see where you stand...because I really don't know what you think, especially with the broad definition of the word conspiracy that you choose to use... It's my assumption that the
  15. Xian Saint


    I'm a little disappointed that out of all the really interesting issues mentioned...we're going to get hung up on some minute points... You say the government already knew the effects of radiation BEFORE testing on US citizens. They already admitted to this. Are you kidding...we still to this day don't know everything there is to know about the short term / long term effects of radiation exposure. Look at Chernobyl...more people die in the United States of cancer from smoking then how many actually died as a result of this accident. The "experts" projected numbers much worse then what we
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